The rise and fall of globalization has been occasioned by numerous break ups that have led to withdrawal of pacts, collapsing walls and the numerous seceding from unions. This has led to America one of the greatest and powerful countries facing threats from every aspirational power like North Korea, china, Iran and also Russia. The world has become so dependent on technology that it has given the enemies numerous ways to attack the United States.

  1. Cyberhacking

The effects of cyber hacking are more damaging than those that are inflicted by a nuclear bomb. In a cyber-war, the major and most important tool that the state would lose would be Power. The loss of power would mean loss of every major thing that humanity depends on for survival. No power would translate to zero ways of acquiring food with the automation of almost everything with the growing technology. Expert freelancers and devious hackers stay on stand-by for recruitment from the enemy which possess as a great threat to the country. The state with no power would bring America to its knees.

  1. North Korea

With the bad history that exists between North Korea and United States of America, the country would use its worse affected domestic situation to hit back. The country has a strong able military force that with a single attack would cause devastating situations. North Korea and Russia have been known for their failed economy and unstable leadership that they would use to get back at other performing states for them to make a grand statement to the world.

  1. ISIS

The ISIS poses as an existential threat to the west as a response to the west dominated globalization. An attempt to stamp out the group would give it more power to scatter and then regroup to order more deadly attacks on the American soil. The group has employed unusual ways for their attacks by using standards in promoting propaganda and illegal ways to perform their recruitment processes. Given the high level of standards they apply, America faces the risk of attack by the group through cyber-attacks, detonating nuclear war heads over its land or even poisoning the Americans water supply.

Any type of war is bad news to its citizens. The United States government ought to take charge and protect its citizens against any form of threats from its enemies. The citizens also need to stay alert on any attack suspicion to counter attack if before it happens. A united front is difficult to bring down, if the citizens work hand in hand with the concerned authorities, threats directed to the State would be neutralized.

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