5 At-home workouts that will boost your mood

5 At-home workouts that will boost your mood

Exercise is a known mood booster

It’s no big secret doing workouts will always help deliver good vibes. Whether you choose a run, heavier weights, or any type of exercise, moving your body around will make you feel really good. Exercises have plenty been known to reset the brain and mood as much as it does the body. A feel good routine in your living room is possible to acquire through simple exercises with no need for props. It increases the blood flow, the oxygen levels and lowers stress in a good way than sweets can.

The series of moves involved are chests openers and stretches to the flight muscles that assist in mood boosting. Deep and continuous diaphragmatic breathes allow more air space in the ribs as you breathe in and out.  The diaphragmatic breathing lowers the level of cortisol as it cleans the adrenals that are responsible for boosting your mood.

  1. Double-leg kick

The first step is to lie with the stomach facing down and hands clamped at the back. Both knees are bend to make kicks towards your sitz bones as the front hips presses the floor. As the arms stretch to reach your back straighten your legs to the maximum length. As you straighten your back, alternate the head in turns with each move. For good results repeat the exercise for about eight times.

  1. Abs scissors

With your hands behind your head, lengthen the hands, neck and shoulders into an abdominal curl. Place the legs in an out position to form a 45-degrees angle as you keep your core connected to the spine at a neutral ground.

  1. Dolphin

With the belly button pulled in the spine, make a fold at the hips to reach the sitz bone to a stretching position. While pulling the hips in a stretch towards the ceiling, feel the length between the head to the tail. Repeat this as you engage your abdominals to a forearm plank.

  1. Telescope arms

This exercise increases your body rotation speed. With the legs laid long on the floor, arms are spread to make a T shape on a smaller angle than the shoulders. With zero shifting of the hips, take the right arm to reach the left arm as the head gazes over your left shoulder. Enjoy each step as you do this as you repeat on each side.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a terrific mood booster. It works well on the moods as it’s a great stress reliever. The deep breathes taken during yoga helps you feel more relaxed and having control of your life. It also offers great sense of relaxation from the everyday tension in our lives which positively impacts the mood. Done on a regular basis, the exercise will offer a great boost to your everyday moods.

Keep these basic simple exercises in mind. For great mood-boosting results, make sure that you get to exercise them on a daily basis and look forward for positivity all day.

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