5 reasons why Mass Government Surveillance in United States is beneficial

    5 reasons why Mass Government Surveillance in United States is beneficial

    In this era, surveillance is universal, unavoidable, and ubiquitous.

    Imagine living in a place where you don’t have to worry about anything because you know someone is watching you. Governments and corporations have set up cameras, microphones and tracking devices that have the power to store and process information in real time. Even with the interference in our private lives, we have to think of the positive aspects that come with it.

    1. Drastic reduction of crimes

    This is the most useful surveillance benefit that has been put across. The surveillances devices have left zero zones of darkness. This has not only aided in property protection but also street. With this kind of swift monitoring, few people would commit the easily monitored crimes such as assault and breaking. The surveillances have improved on the detection of crimes algorithms that has awaken the police force to be more swift in responding to crimes.

    1. Combating abuses

    On a great scale, the surveillances have reduced abuse cases that have for the past years gone unreported. This would range from child molesting to the more mundane cases. The surveillances provide records that show the abuses existed for people who shy away from reporting. This provides equalising power differentials for the people affected.

    1. Reduced police work in investigations

    There would be no need for a large police force tasked in responding to crimes as the investigation part would be partly handled. Crimes, innocence and guilt would be easy to establish from the recordings. Their work would be greatly reduced to making arrest of te culprits involved as presented by the surveillance.

    1. Prevention of global catastrophic risks

    Pandemics are among the deadliest dangers that the human race is facing. Examples of these pandemics are the Spanish flu and the Black Death which led to millions of death. With surveillance, the two pandemics would have been put under control before spreading to greater areas. The cause for the lethal pandemics would have been diagnosed at early stages and would have exposed some lax safety standards to legitimate organisations. Terrorist’s use of dirty bombs and nukes would also be prevented.

    1. Elimination to the use of passwords

    In this case, our lives would be made more convenient with less use of passwords. The surveillance system would be used to provide everyone’s identification so long as the algorithms used are effective. Effective crime detection would speed up long security line in the banks and airports. Doing business in every area where there is mass surveillance would be smoother and better living standards would be achieved.

    Even with its negative side aspects, mass surveillance has proved to have more beneficial aspects in our day to day lives. It would ease up our growth and raise our living standards to the best. It would mark the world as a village with the multiplicity of cultures and lifestyle with an inbuilt high potential with zero prejudice and judgements.

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