Therefore a maintained and perfect appearance would answer questions on one’s personality. Every person you will meet will have a story to tell be it in banking, marketing or in any other field. There will always be people who need to get arrested by the fashion police cops for always looking shabby and trying to dress in outfits that are passed by time and fail miserably. Here are some of the outdated outfits and sins committed in wearing them.

Cargo pants

A man’s quality is judged according to his character. In fashion, the quality of a man’s pants is measured by the number of pockets the pants have. The fewer the better. A standard pant for a man is considered to be one that has few pockets that can accommodate the few things men carry. The cargo pants have been a great disaster in fashion. The many pockets in the cargo pants are associated with drug dealers and shoplifters. If you aren’t practicing any of the professions, leave the clutch trousers for the goods handlers.

Sweatpants with butt text

Sweatpants with texts and logos across the back would have seem to be the new trend in fashion for the college girls. With sloppy buns and alluring tank tops from the American eagle and Hollister, the pair fell out of favor with the rise of yoga pants and tights. The pants are the least heart-warming kind of clothes to see in the new error that our fathers wore back in the years. The pants are phased out with the years gone and putting them on is a great sin in fashion.


In fashion, you can’t have both style and comfort. Under no circumstances in this developed error and world should you be caught wearing crocs. Not even if they offer to give blow job to both of your feet. The fact that some towns have decided to bring back the old trend with an extra attempt to wear them in public is even more annoying and insulting. This is just a cruel crime against humanity fashion caused by our fathers. We should recover from the traumatic event in peace with fewer humans wearing them out our area and supermarkets.


Loose fitting suits

If you have ever attended a wedding party at the suburban, event full of fashion apocalypse then you probably know what I mean.  The kind of suits that make potato sacks appear as if they are form fitting. Sad, I know.  This type of suit is only less comical than the Vintage David Bryne. You go fitting on the suits and you resemble a 10 year old man that borrowed his father’s suit to attend a ceremony.

Overabundance of jewellery

Any necklace, bracelet or earrings worn are meant to accentuate your look. Overdoing jewellery to an unbalanced level is closely related to over accessorizing which not only draws attention but creates the wrong impression. When not sure of what to put on or if you wearing too much of jewellery, go with the fewest pieces possible for a great look.

Wearing fashionable clothes is not only appropriate but essential too. The good thing about fashion is that it changes with time. This gives everyone the chance and opportunity to shop and as they look their best they are also updated in fashion. No one wants to be named a weirdo mostly when they have spent a fortune on out-dated clads. Make use of the chance, hit the stores and get some few items to upgrade you’re your look and style that suits you and its up to date.

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