The top priority for the current administration would be to pay attention to the changing nature of terrorism and address the rising discrimination against the Muslims that has led to rise in terrorism. The existence of brutal terrorists attacks from the Ansbach, Nice, Rouen, and Wuerzburg that has seen citizens killed at a high rate. The time to figure out our security is now; here are some of the systems the country should adapt to take control of their security.

  1. Build a coalition of allies

The allies coalition would work only with active, constituent, and meaningful leadership. The leaders must be inclusive of Islamic leaders who should echo a one voice that condemns terrorism in the highest and strongest voice ever. A fight against terrorism would require military force, intelligence and moral force. The countries should unite to conquer against terrorism such as the al-Qaida and form a strong unite.

  1. Secure public places

The government should fortify the safety of the public place as it done for the government buildings. This ranges from concerts to movies where the public is mostly affected and in large crowds. The government should ensure that every person that gains entrance in the public places is screened. Many of these institutions like the sports stadiums and theatres have started using finger prints on every one who is admitted in the places.

  1. Public involvement in maintaining security

As the taxpayers, your involvement in security matters should be high. The public should offer their support to security matters just as they do to education and health. Security is also a vital priority that touches on most of the people. In these terms, the public should be ready to adapt to every security measure from motor barricades, metal detectors and also more check points that guarantee more security.

  1. Improvement in technology

It is just the right time for the technology giants such as Canada, Korea, and Israel to come together and fight terrorism. The talent and expertise will help to enhance security and prevent further attacks against the American soil. Expertise in technology will assist in curbing terrorism youth recruitment which occurs through social media. A spurring growth in technology will also enhance innovation in the biometric field that would identify potential terrorist’s threats.

  1. Build a public-private partnership

In the current era, unity is a necessity among every government with its citizen and corporations. The constrained budgets will require that they work together to reconstruct the country after the World War II to avoid a reoccurrence.

With the strategies set in place, the united government, security experts, business men and the technology leaders should waste no time but convene a summit meeting to address the security issues. The parties should formulate a coordinated and collective method to enhance the security of its people.

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