There is urgent need to reduce the numbers and bring lasting solutions for peaceful existence. There are several ways that can be applied to try and control the crime rates in the regions;

  1. Pay focus on hotspots

This will include also paying focus to the ‘hot people’ who are mostly into the crimes. There are areas and people who are well known to be engaging into crimes. A focus on the easily affected areas would allow the authority to offer countering measures that assists them make a better living. Some of the beneficial measures that can be applied include better urban planning, upgrading and also early childhood intervention to eliminate the whole scandals.

  1. Create well targeted program

If the main goal is to control and reduce theft crimes, then the program should be focused on areas that are mostly affected and the group that commits the crimes. A deeper and long lasting solution would be to find the root cause of why these people engage in the crimes to clearly offer a diagnosis to it. The treatment plan for the youth should involve the community and their parents.

  1. Pay more focus on prevention

Increase in crimes and violence has led to increased number of prison populations. Crime has become a culture. To control this, the focus needs to be laid on ways to prevent more crimes from taking place. Take the conditions that are driving people into crimes seriously and gear them towards getting a lasting solution. In order to carry out this, there is need for an integrated and coordinated approach that will bring the force of the state and non-state actors together for a common course.

  1. Focus on gun control

This has been a troubling debate on ways to gain control gun with the policies present in America. If there are no guns in the streets, there would be less number of crimes happening. The most practical way to control crimes that are gun related is only through trying to stem the illegal sale and flow of guns to everyone in the streets.

  1. Target inequality

Economic inequality is a central cause for the increased number of crimes and violence. Narrowing the existing difference between the top and bottom earners will be a good beginning to finding a lasting solution. Provide services and products that are universally of high quality but are affordable for all. This will help bridge the inequality gaps that exist and in turn the crime rates will reduce drastically.

  1. Make Use of non-violent language

In a state where there is known history of the long term existence of crimes, there is need to use non- violent methods and teach non-violence communication. To empower and offer a change to the gangs, you can offer to teach non-violent communication, basic communication skills and also conflict resolution which will go a long way to counter crimes.

It is every state’s dream to have crime free streets and communities. Every government and associations need to get smarter about how they approach their crime affected street and communities. They not only hunt for the criminals but also offer preventive measures that would ensure reduced violence and crimes.

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