This will make the people just as guilty as the person who committed the crime. Death penalty is not the solution to the gravest of crimes, here is a list of why;

  1. Not humane

The methods that are used to execute prisoners are brutal for humanity. Among the methods used is lethal injection which takes an approximate of 30 minutes in two doses, shooting, hanging and also beheading. The nature of these deaths is horrifying and leaves alleviated levels of pain to the victims and their relatives.

  1. Makes public of an individual’s death

Most executions in the world are undertaken in a public manner. The administration of lethal injections and hangings of prisoners in public only resonates to increased levels of inhuman, cruelty and poses a degrading nature for the persons involved. Public penalties lower the dignity of humans which cannot be tolerated.

  1. Cruel punishment

Death penalty is one of cruel acts that prisoners have to go through. The techniques used on the suspects during interrogation are crueller and insult adding to the death sentence. The techniques include chaining, waterboarding, nudity and rectal infusion.

  1. Exoneration

The act of carrying out a death penalty in any way is irreversible. The continued enforcement of death penalty may bring grave consequences when a case is determined and the prisoner found not guilty after hanging. There are cases of false convictions where the suspects had already been sentenced to death penalty. To avoid this, death sentences should be abolished in cases where conviction can be overturned.

  1. Cost

The cost of death penalty is much higher than life sentencing. There are extra judicial charges that occur in extended trials, witnesses, judicial proceedings and lawyer fees. This makes the death penalty option more expensive than life sentence. The bills for the death penalty end up being footed by the tax payers which is expensive.

  1. Social-economic discrimination

People who are economically fit can afford to get the best criminal lawyers to defend them as compared to those in the low socio-economic status. The verdicts made are highly dependent on the ability of the council hired to defend you. This has easily flawed the justice system where the poor innocent have been found to be guilty and the guilty who are rich have been set free.

  1. Revenge

Arguments made to support the death penalty are mainly those that are meant to make the victim part for the murder as a relief to the affected family. Some of the penalties have been carried out basing on emotions that are catalysed by an incident occurrence. The decisions made on trial ought to be made basing on the justice and evidence presented as compared to basing them on passion.

For equality and justice to prevail, death penalty should be abolished. Equal humane treatment should be give unconditionally for any prisoner regardless of their colour, economic status or feelings.

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