Armpit Fat: Why and How of it?

Armpit Fat: Why and How of it?

Let’s admit it – armpit fat doesn’t look good, especially when you wear those sleeveless dresses. In fact, every tight fitting dress appears ill-fitted and bras dig deep down into the skin making the fat more apparent. The onlookers may or may not notice it, but you would certainly turn a little cautious at a mere gaze of a passer-by. Isn’t it?

What is the reason for the development of armpit fat?

Every person has a tendency of amassing fats more in certain parts of their body. In some people, when excess of calories are converted into fats, they find their way into the underarm area including the back.

Polymastia or excess breast tissue is development of breast tissue in the armpits and the adjoining area.

How to get rid of the armpit fat?

The trick is simple. Consume less calories and burn more just as you would do for the rest of the body. These can be done with some specific exercises.

Tricep Dips

They are just excellent at toning up the arms and simultaneously removing any fat lying in the underarm area.

• Take a stable chair or a bench or an exercise machine.
• Place your hands on it shoulder-width apart.
• Take your butt out of the bench or chair and extend your legs in front of you.
• Keep your elbows straight so that there is some tension on the triceps and shoulder joints.
• Bend your elbows as you lower your butt to the ground. Maintain back and shoulders as close to the bench as possible.
• When you reach the ground, lift your body up by pressing down into the bench. This will bring you back to the starting position.

It completes 1 rep.

Do 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Push ups

The most common exercise for removing the armpit fat is push-ups. It develops the upper body like no else.
• Just lie down with your stomach on the floor with legs stretched out and toes touching the ground.
• Position your hands just below the shoulders with elbows bent and towards the sides of the body.
• Now lift your body towards the roof by pressing your body into the ground.
• Engage your stomach tightly.
• Now bring your body down towards the floor by bending the elbows. Make sure your body doesn’t touch the floor.
• Do 3 sets of 20-30 pushups

Chest Press

Another extremely effective exercise that can pay you with no underarm flab is chest press.
• Lie down on your back on a bench or a hard floor with dumbbells in both the hands.
• Your shoulders and back should be in close contact with the bench.
• Press the dumbbells just below your eye level.
• Breathe in slowly and move the dumbbells towards the mid chest. This will widen your elbows.
• Breathe out and extend your elbows towards the roof so that the dumbbells are just above the eye level.
• Slowly come back to the starting position.
• Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

Three exercises and you will be able to get rid of the armpit fat troubling you. Just stay regular and never shy away from your favorite clothes again!

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