Battle for Ohio’s Governor Seat

Battle for Ohio’s Governor Seat

Democrats versus Republicans who has the numbers?

In 2007, Congressman Dennis Kucinich jumped into the race of Ohio governorship with the bid to replace Governor John Kasich. In his press statement he said that “The Democratic Party had an insider pick, but the people of Ohio want fresh thinking”. In the Ohio state, Donald trump garnered an 8 point victory against his opponent Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections. To get the attention and a win from the people, Dennis believes that the state would be gotten through provision of jobs and assault weapons ban. This will guarantee them a win.

“We want to bring them back into the Democratic Party,” Kucinich said about Trump supporters. “They are people in working-class communities; I have the ability to reach them. Why? Because that’s where I’m from.”

Kucinich will be racing against Codlay who is the first ever head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the May 8th primary ballot. The two will be racing in the bid to replace the incumbent governor Kasich who cannot vie given he had reached the terms limit. In his defence against his opponent, Codlay uses experience as the big difference that exists between him and his opponent.

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