Anything But Just Another Storage Container

Anything But Just Another Storage Container

Bento Boxes – A modern twist on a timeless concept

Packing work lunches, the bane of everyone’s lives. I know how much simpler my mornings would be if I wasn’t stressing about what I was going to eat for lunch. The endless cycle of ‘today I am going to be healthy and take my own food into work… and then that feeling of guilt when I once again reached for the take-out menu attached to my notice board or popped out for a quick sandwich. Don’t get me wrong I have tried, honestly, I have – planned the meals, bought the ingredients, cooked the food but finding a container that is both leak-proof and microwave safe is a mission impossible (not even Ethan Hunt could get out of this one).

If I do somehow manage to find a single perfect container it’s usually a holdall for all the smaller ones, it is bulky and all my food gets mixed into an unidentifiable mush…. So not appealing. I had almost given up hope until I came across the Holy Grail of containers – The amazing New Tomorrow Bento Lunchbox.

You might have gotten to this point and been like what? She’s talking about a lunchbox?!?

Yes, you did read that right and yes I’ll be the first to admit I never thought I’d see the day, where at 27 I got excited about a lunchbox! In my mind, that’s purely reserved for 7-year-olds and bored housewives who attend Tupperware parties. But oh my was I wrong… my life literally transformed (or at least my meal prep woes – baby steps) with this Japanese Bento Lunchbox.

These nifty little babies are amazing… based on the traditional Japanese Bento boxes, are divided into three compartments. I pack healthy and well-balanced meals for work but I don’t have to worry about my food touching each other. Call it OCD but I don’t like my flavors mixing in my lunchbox. If I wanted a stew I would have made one With the Bento Box all the flavors stay separate… providing a delicious and visually appealing meal. They are light and convenient so you don’t have to schlep around another whole lunch bag with you – you just pop this into your bag and away you go. Personally, I just love the cute colors it comes in (who doesn’t want a pink or blue lunch container?)

They are also great for food storage at home – they lock in odors so no worries about your fridge and its contents smelling like chopped garlic or onions. They are both freezer safe and microwave safe and can be washed in a dishwasher.

The part that really gets the eco-warrior in me going is that they are reusable, BPA free and approved by the FDA (no worries about nasty toxins getting into your food). This also means that you will feel safe sending your kids to school with a Bento box (at least I do…). Their fantastic sealing mechanism ensures no gross food leakages all over their school books, bags, and gym kit.

The Bento boxes have literally changed my life – I can now meal prep without worry, no nasty food leakages, they are great for adults and children – What more could you want?

Katie: “I absolutely LOVE these little lunch boxes. My preschooler can easily open and close them, they are completely leak proof (so far), the fit perfectly in her Wildkin lunch box…”


They are currently selling a limited number (100 units) with an amazing promotion – While stocks last buy one and get one free – This HUGE promotion won’t last forever so you better check it out ASAP.

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