Core is the core of a person’s health. Building it will help build a solid foundation of a healthy body. Different people do different things to build it. But how many of them are helpful? People usually make wrong decisions when it comes to building the core. Read in this article which exercises are helpful and offers desired results in real time.

Single Arm Farmer’s Carry

An amazing exercise to build the core, single arm farmer’s carry is one of the most impactful dumbbell exercises of all. In this, a person is required to hold a dumbbell, kettle ball, or farmer’s walk handle bars and then walk. There are a lot of benefits that one can reap from it.

It strengthens core stabilization and control and builds delts, lats and traps. It also strengthens trunk and the grip while rehabilitating upper back injury or lower back. Single Arm Farmer’s Carry helps attain muscle mass too.

Plank Dumbbell Pull Through

Move a dumbbell from side to side by shifting the weight on to the elbows then to the middle and also under your chest. The right technique helps in building a string core.

It is easy on the back and enhances athletic performance. It builds posterior chain strength and also teaches deadlift technique.


Another extremely useful exercise that helps build a strong core is T pushup. Pushups target core. By holding dumbbell, additional pressure is put on the torso as well as shoulders. T-pushups enhance resistance and add more strength and stimulus.

From a pushup position, hold a dumbbell. Move towards the floor then move upwards with one arm stretched out towards the ceiling. Repeat it with other arm.

It adds value by working on Obliques, triceps and shoulders, middle back, abs, chest and glutes. T-pushups improve posture and increase muscle coordination and hand-feet movement.

Dumbbell Bear Crawl

Bear crawl is often seen as a warm up exercise, but if a dumbbell is added to it coupled with some intensity, there’s nothing better than this to build a strong core.

Get on the floor with hands and feet. The knees must be kept under the hips, an inch above the ground followed by crawling with left leg and right arm. Hips should be kept low, and head held high.

Dumbbell Bear Crawl helps a person in building strength and enhancing mobility. It is the best conditioning exercise that builds muscular endurance and lubricates joints and tendons.

In Conclusion

A strong core helps executing various physical activities with intensity. On the contrary, a weak core leads to constant tiredness, reduced endurance and the body is prone to more frequent injuries. You certainly wouldn’t want a weak core then.

Put on the shoes. Grab the dumbbells and do the above ASAP.

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