Looking great without breaking the bank is most shoppers’ headache. We all got to wear clothes and staying on a wardrobe fashion within our budget is key. Rich people have it going easy as they get to look amazing with zero care of the price tags. You can also shop and rebuild your wardrobe with the tight budget. Here are some tips on getting you what’s on fashion and at a great affordable price.

  1. What type of fashion do you want

Different shoppers will have different taste. Are you one to spend 100 dollars on a single top at Neiman Marcus or would you prefer getting 5 tops for 20 dollars from Target.  Take a minute, think. What if it’s the world’s perfect last days? We got to wear classy and sassy right. Save a good amount and go for the classy expensive top rather than cheap clothes that you like less.

  1. Shop for classics

A classic look and taste depends on your style. Staying classic will help you embellish with the trends in the market. The best way to dress and look fashionable is buying expensive clothes which in turn will be fewer. List down the type of dream clothes you want in your wardrobe, scale them down to the must haves that you really love and make a choice. For a woman, a classy item would be a beautiful dress supplemented by an infinity scarf and a statement making pair of earrings. For the men, a fitting trouser, well ironed shirt and a bow tie will make a good taste in embellishment.

  1. Go out and shop

The best way to make use of the less shopping cash you have is going out to the market. First rule is getting your list clear. Make a choice on what you want. For the basic stuff, hit up the mid-priced stores such as the Targets and Kohl, for pricey and specialty items make sales in big stores. Shop often in stores that are a hit or miss such as Tj Maxx and Ross Type of stores.  Check often and shop nearly as much to catch great price offers.

  1. Make a shopping plan

Before going out for shopping, make a list of the items that you really require. Use it as a guideline when purchasing.  The plan can be subdivided into segments. Each of the segments should have prices that match the total budget allocated for the shopping.

  1. Shoot for quality over quantity

If you have to buy clothes on a tight budget never go for quantity but the quality. Rather than going for a one time wash cheap clothes, it’s better to buy less number of designer clothes as they are of more quality. Check out designer clothes stores such as the Yoox, Issay, and also Last call which have quality clothes at great prices.

While looking for quality and designer clothes to give you a more appealing look, remember that your true value doesn’t come from the amazing clothes that you put on. The person inside you does not change with the clothes. Ensure you have financial freedom to buy variety of your choices.

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