The one thing that every family needs and why you need to...

The one thing that every family needs and why you need to get your camping mat today

So, its not often that I find a product that I absolutely cannot live without, you know when you find one of those things that you didn’t know you needed but once you have it don’t know how you lived without it? Well, that’s the case with the most amazing camping mat I found.

Ok, let me backtrack –

a couple of months ago we were going on a family camping trip (now camping is not my fav thing in the world- uncomfortable night with a thin mattress that you feel every twig and stone digging into your spine). So I was browsing through Amazon. You see I don’t camp very often so I didn’t want to buy something that I maybe used twice a year and just took up unnecessary space – so I wanted a sleeping pad that was versatile and worth the investment. After hours and hours of futile searching, I came across the revolutionary CUBE – MAT. Its not your average mattress – its made of foam tiles that you put together and essentially build your own sleeping mat.

How amazing does that sound??

No more uncomfortable nights sleep and I just love the fact that you can customize it to your high and size specifications. I also love the fact that it is small and compact. The customizable mat is made up of easy to assemble 12×12 inch squares that fit perfectly together. Because it is made to your specifications it can fit almost anywhere – creating a comfy and cozy cushion in any space. The CUBE – MATT has honestly changed my life.

It ticks all the boxes for me – not only is it extremely comfortable nights sleep but it is great as a kids play mat, a mattress for guests and even great for working out. Basically, it’s the ultimate product in versatility and not only that but its ridiculously easy to clean. Just use the brush that you receive (Bonus gift) and voila in minutes it’s clean. It is also really compact and packs away in the storage bag. So convenient.

The basic pack comes with 12 squares and it is possible to buy an extension pack of 6 squares.

I absolutely adore this product- it has changed my life as well as my family’s.

But hey why just take my word for it?

Try it out for yourself and see how your camping experience is changed forever!!!

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