Hey, I get you. You’re a going to give birth and must beat the clock for the big day. So you go online and buy baby stuff. A stroller, a baby bed, and cute baby clothes. Cool. But how can you explain thousands of women getting excited about a diaper bag?

Well, it’s maybe because it doesn’t look like a sack that screams: “I’m a mommy now, my days of taking care of myself are o-ver!”.

“And look, I’m the first to testify!”

When I gave birth to my firstborn son Brandon three years ago, I felt and looked like a barely functioning mess. Partly because of a nightmarish sleep deprivation, and partly because I pulled the big mommy no-no and lost myself.

In other words, I let myself look like crap. And felt like crap. And I don’t need to tell you the way we look and the way we feel is intertwined. Especially, when the shock and anxiety of the birth wear off, and you find yourself waking up to the reality, and extreme responsibility, of suddenly being a full-time mom.

Slimming down requires TONS of energy your body usually don’t have at the first 3-6 months. So, like other pregnant and after-birth women discovered, the solution for looking and feeling good lies in our accessories.

Like a diaper bag.

Is this a diaper bag?

How Should a Diaper Bag Serve Us?

It’s no secret. The diaper bag is the bag you’ll always be carrying when not in the house. Fashion companies recognized the opportunity and created fashionable baby bags who took U.S mothers by storm. But I?

Found out the hard way they forgot something critical- The need to serve you as a mother to a child!

The result? You find yourself walking around with the familiar “mommy-sack”, while your small and totally un-functional luxurious bag stays at home. You can’t have the cake and eat it too, right?

Well, according to thousands of soon-to-be and fresh mommies… in the baby diaper world, you actually can. Two days ago, I ran into a WILD Facebook post, in which over 4,000 soon-to-be and ‘active’ mommies are claiming a new diaper bag has changed their lives.

Meet “Chic”. The diaper bag which took American mommies by storm. You can                                                                                                                                                                                                             >>> buy it directly from the company’s website by clicking here.

Mothers Explain the Madness:

Mommies swear this “magical” bag is not only fashionable and attracting (good) attention, but also functional and easy to use, as it serves them as (a) back-pack (b) messenger (c) Tote and (d) Stroller Organizer. I located some of the girls who praised the “Chic” bag, and asked them what’s it’s all about:

Autumn Lisa (32), NYC:

“I don’t need to buy 3 different ones like my friends did”

Unnamed: I'll defiantly buy one for amateurs!
I’ll defiantly be buying one for my sister in law and friends!

“Girl, I wanna look good when I’m out with my baby girl, but I also wanna carry just one bag! That’s why I got so darn excited. You can carry it in four different ways because its ‘convertible’… The hands-free back-pack option and the stroller organizer are awesome, ‘cause I don’t need to buy 3 different ones like my friends did.”

Patricia Helen (27), SF:

“It’s versatile. Easier to store, organize, and quickly access all your necessary baby gear.”

“It’s so easy to find things inside because it has so many pockets and it comes with a bonus free pad to lay on changing tables. I also in love with backpack way and will NEVER buy another diaper bag.”

Linda Nicole Johnson (36), Seattle:

“It’s big enough to also store my sportswear, yet light in weight”

“This bag caught my attention when I ran into a research which says the white-black colors actually help develop the baby brain. Then, I saw this bag is REALLY BIG which is a huge advantage for me, as it has enough space for my sports clothes as well.”

Andrea “Carlos Beauty” Ellen (29), Texas:

“I never buy without reviews, so I hope this helps. This bag is amazing and it fits the purpose and convenience, even my husband loved it.”


“Sure, I’d Like to Help When You Want One…”

Gabrielle Henry (30), the creator of the Chic baby diaper bag, says: “As a mom, I hated the mess of going outside of the house. Before bringing a mommy, it took me about 15 seconds to grab my phone, keys, bag and leave…

…But with my little Karen? It suddenly takes me at least 30 minutes to organize everything! So I decided to put my degree in fashion design to use, and after getting tons of feedbacks from my girls created the Chic diaper bag.”

And if our readers would like to get one as well?

“Sure, I’d like to help. I asked my tech team to prepare a personal discount coupon for you guys. Just click on the link below and you’ll be able to claim it. We’re almost out of bags again though, so if you’re interested it’s recommended to get it now.”

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