The Secret Components That….Have Been Missing To Make The Best Coffee Ever...

The Secret Components That….Have Been Missing To Make The Best Coffee Ever and You Didn’t Even Know It!

Premium Pour Over Coffee Maker Set!

Are you a coffee lover like me, who is always looking for the perfect cup of coffee but still struggle to reach the perfect taste? Every time there is something wrong with the coffee either it was not warm enough, too bitter or even tasteless.

For me, I love brewing my own coffee, it is my time off, a therapy of sorts – slow-motion treatment to take my mind off daily things.

Save $720 a Year!

Well, I came across this fantastic product set! Everyone can use and with a few simple steps can achieve the perfect cup of coffee each and every time without worrying about the taste of burnt or lukewarm coffee. It has simply changed the way I brew my coffee. I no longer need to make a mess of the kitchen or go buy a cup of coffee…think of how much money you will save, say a cup of coffee is $3 and you buy one every work day – that’s $15 a week – that’s $60 a month, that’s $720 A YEAR!!!! since I’ve discovered the EasyR Home pour over coffee brewer set I can indulge myself with a perfect coffee cup in the comfort of my home. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made.

Use Everywhere!

The pour-over coffee maker kit includes: beautifully designed pour over coffee carafe, high-quality stainless steel dual mesh filter with silicone handle, durable glass lid and a custom fit Neoprene cover warmer which is included as a free bonus.

This set is actually quite unique, with its neoprene custom fit cover and glass lid, which is placed on top the carafe, to help keep your coffee hot for longer, so you don’t have to worry about cold coffee anymore. This great set can be used almost everywhere – at home, while traveling, when entertaining friends… I have used mine while trekking through the Namib desert and while waiting for the sun to rise at Angkor Wat. You can literally use it anywhere and it’s so easy to use and clean and the results will surely amaze you.


No more fragile thin glass pot. This coffee pot, with its ergonomic timeless design, is made of 3mm borosilicate glass which makes it durable with a high heat resistance. It can hold up to 14floz of liquid which can be used for either hot or cold beverages (not just coffee). Borosilicate glass is known for their resistant of thermal shock better than other glass, meaning the glass will not shatter when exposed to 2 different temperatures at the same time like other types of glass. It special properties make it truly an exceptional glass with unique characteristics that distinguish it from the rest.

This set offers better drip coffee with no waste and paper aftertaste. The reusable stainless steel filter is a paperless strainer with double layer mesh filter, which enables the release of all the rich and complex flavors of your coffee. There is nothing to throw away other than the used coffee grounds. The filter has a silicone handle which keeps you from burning your fingers.


I loved the idea of the top glass lid. It is so different from others on the market. It enables you to pour and store more liquid than other similar size pours over pots.

The cover warmer is simply ingenious, it fits exactly to the pot like a glove as it slides and stretch over the carafe. One of the greatest advantages of using neoprene is its immense physical toughness which makes it heat, chemical, oil and ozone resistant, especially when compared to regular rubber. This cover is a high-quality neoprene that will not fade easily. It also provides the appropriate cushioning and strong protection to the glass pot. Because neoprene is synthetic in nature, it is completely latex free, which makes it ideal. All of these benefits will help keep your favorite choice of beverage warm or cold (all depends on the beverage you wish to make) and will protect the pot from damage and breaking, how amazing is that?


It’s so simple to use – first you put on the Neoprene cover and then simply fill the reusable cone-shaped stainless steel filter with fresh medium-ground coffee, and place it on top of the carafe. Then heat water to nearly boiling, and slowly pour the water into the filter, allowing the water to become infused with the coffee flavor until the rich brew fills the carafe below. Use the heatproof silicone handle on the filter to safely remove the filter and dispose of the grounds. Place the glass lid on top to keep coffee hot.

This is a unique pour over coffee maker set that will be the perfect gift to everyone who loves a good cup of coffee. It comes in a pretty gift box, making it the perfect gift for that special one always looking for the perfect cup of coffee. Try it, you’ll be amazed how easy it is – and I’ve heard that they are offering a huge discount for the next weeks….plus you’ll receive the neoprene cover warmer free…you can check it out here.

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