Russia has vowed to retaliate on the kind of decisions that the two countries have come to. This has come to their attention after the nerve-agent attack on their spy in the U.K soil. According to the Russian foreign ministry in a website statement he stated “This unfriendly step by this group of countries won’t pass without impact and we will respond,” he accuses the U.K.’s allies of blindly following the principle of Euro-Atlantic unity. The Russians threaten to be guided by the principle of reciprocity which they will make use to decide their way and mode of retaliation on their allies.

The plan comes barely after a week where the US and its allies announced of the expulsion of the Russians who they believe were behind the killing of a former double agent with his daughter. The two were killed with a military grade nerve agent in the southern English city of Salisbury. It is after these killings that the US gave an ultimatum for the 60 Russian envoys that were on American soil to leave. Allies to the US which include Poland, Germany, Italy and France followed the move and expelled the Russian diplomats too. In a statement Russia has denied taking part in the killing of the two.

This has caused a relation crashing between the countries which seems to be heavy than the cold war. This comes barely weeks after president Trump relations talk with Putin on putting more concrete relations between the two states for their advantages. The raised hope has since diminished with each country declaring war on the other. In a post, the Russian embassy situated in Washington asked their citizens to vote on which consulate in the US they wanted closed. This has had its shares of its negatives impacts to the economy with the MOEX Russian index stocks falling to 0.9 after the news. 12 more of the Russian diplomats based in the U.S were served with orders to leave the country within the next one week.

Raised tensions

Than any other predicted cold war has had, this is more than serious. According to a former diplomat in Moscow, Vladimir Frovov ‘The U.S. measures included Russia’s U.N. mission, and this is an escalation,” he noted that such numbers of expulsion had only taken place in the 1980s during the cold war. The Russians are expected to retaliate with the expulsion of the U.S diplomats on their soil as well. The Russian parliament has since ousted their disappointment in the states and is expecting their counterpart to respond with the same diplomatic expulsions as a way of getting back.

Existing Diplomatic retaliations

The show down is not any new to both countries. In December 2016 during the Obama regime, he ordered the expulsion and closing of the Russian embassy from the involvement on the US election which Trump won. There was no immediate retaliation which build a solid hope for US and Russia but it was not to last for long. In September last year, Putin ordered the cutting of US diplomats in Russia by two thirds to match the Russian number in the US.

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