The game that will change your relationship

All relationships can get to the point where conversation becomes as stale as three-week-old bread, and watching paint dry is more interesting than another discourse about the cost of groceries or the aggravation around your daily commute. With technology taking away meaningful interaction and the stresses of everyday life we are losing the ability to communicate with our partners.

I realized during a girls night recently, that this problem is more widespread that I originally thought. After a couple of glasses of wine, my girlfriends started comparing how boring their conversations with their significant others had become and how lack of scintillating conversation was becoming the main cause of anxiety in their relationships.

Date nights were as exciting as doing the dishes and conversation became a chore and a passing pleasantry rather than an integral part of the day.

But have no fear… this can be fixed, I came across a review in a local magazine about a pack of cards that quite literally starts conversations.. So I decided to order a pack and try them out on my next date night.

Excited to know what happened ??

Basically, this deck of cards has questions and different topics to start conversations. So simple yet so fantastic!

No more awkward silences or sitting at dates waiting for them to just be over. The topics are diverse and suitable for any couple, whether it’s the beginning of a relationship or you’ve been together for what feels like forever. After all, there is nothing sexier in a relationship than good communication. The questions range from simple straightforward prompts to in-depth topics that really make you question. From fun topics such as “what is your favorite movie” to in-depth questions like “ if you could change one thing in your relationship what would it be”. What I really loved about these topics is they really opened us up to each other and truly made us communicate. Rather than the usual how was your day /work / the kids / ( insert generic topic), these conversation starters really make you listen and learn new and exciting things about your partner.

They are great fun on a trip, we spend a lot of time traveling, and through these conversation starters, we learn from each other. In fact, I loved them so much that I brought a few packs for bridal shower gifts and told all my friends to buy a pack. They are perfect for anniversary gifts, gifts for husbands and wives. It’s the perfect game for your date night box. In fact, it is just perfect.

But hey why just take my word for it… try them yourself and thank me later. You can find them here – and I promise you it will be a great investment in your relationship. All you need to do is follow the link and with the swipe of a credit card see your life change… 

I’d suggest getting yours sooner rather than later- these babies are flying off the shelves and you don’t want to be disappointed and miss out.

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