HR – Progressing from administrator to impactive business partner, predictive strategist and trusted colleague? The cultural debate.

I received a comment from recent programme evaluation included the following ” The impactive solutions you suggest are logical and make sense but my culture will not allow me to implement it and that culture will NEVER change”.

Ethical supply chain in global context

The participant was the CEO of a relatively successful business, with a fairly limited HR team, and we had been covering an impactive HR service approach including selecting and progressing best talent, robust performance management, differentiated rewards, efficient organisational design, the benefits of diversity and how engagement initiatives can aid retention and business success. All in the context of being the employer of choice for “best talent” in the market.

Good mood, productiv and less stress

Working in the “emerging’ world it is fairly commonplace for the issue of culture to arise as individuals and businesses look to gain competitive advantage by implementing at least some of the above – although I have argued before that a CONNECTED set of these HR services is key – and then finding resistance and difficulty with the practicality of making this shift in approach (and thereby a shift in their employment branding, practice and attractiveness) actually work.


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