Not only are consumers reaping the rewards of lower power bills, but they are also noticing a longer lifespan on expensive household appliances. Within just one month, EcoVolt could pay for itself.  

The electricity bill for an average family with 2 children is worth about 1 full salary per year, but the revolutionary EcoVolt could put 50% of that money back into your pocket

What is EcoVolt?

In 2017, a revolutionary new product called EcoVolt hit the market. Initially it shielded from the general public, all because it offered the opportunity for average families to save up to 50% of their monthly energy costs. EcoVolt is a small, compact, affordable, and easy to use plug-in unit that stops unnecessary power from entering the electrical cables and overloading the network.

EcoVolt is the utility provider’s best-kept secret. They’ve been trying to hide it from the everyday power consumer and even have banned the sale of it in retail shops – just to maximize their profit. However, thanks to the internet, the secret is now out, and everyday customers are now reaping the rewards of less power consumption overall, as well as less power used by household appliances. The bonus? Your standard blender, microwave, vacuum, or any other household appliances may last longer than previously. In essence, EcoVolt provides the opportunity for you to save between 30 and 50 percent on your energy bill. That’s a phenomenal saving and leaves few questions as to why this has been hidden from consumers.

What can EcoVolt do for you?

The benefits of EcoVolt are unparalleled, and researchers are convinced this device could spell the end of unaffordable power bills that can cripple the average wage-earner at the end of the month. Scientists initially spent many months trying to debunk claims of efficacy, but those studies now prove that EcoVolt should be commonplace in every household.

It’s easy to connect, simply by plugging it into your wall, and it’s suitable for both standard homes and apartments connected to an electrical grid. It also has a counter which shows how you’re making more efficient use of your energy, all the while allowing you to reap the rewards of a more robust household appliance lifecycle. In just 1-2 months, you’ve made your money back on your initial purchase.

Why don’t power companies want you to have it?

Currently, power companies are able to take close to 1 monthly salary on average per year from each house connected to the electrical grid. While it’s broken down into monthly payments, it can all add up, and greedy corporates are rubbing their hands together. The worst part is, their power is overloading the circuits, shortening the lifespan of your expensive household appliances in the process. So, in fact, you’re set to lose more than just money from your wallet.

When EcoVolt was discovered overseas, power companies then spent millions (likely your money from years of overpaying) to stop the product from reaching retail store shelves. It would spell the end of their profiteering, and it was important that they kept it out of the public eye. However, the legality of such a move put a stop to this, and now close to 150,000 households worldwide are experiencing lower power bills, all because of an inconspicuous plug-in device.

What are the potential savings with EcoVolt?

This revolutionary device doesn’t simply stop at saving you money – no, it also has an interesting side effect: It increases your household appliances and electronics lifespan.

We asked ourselves how this is possible and found out during our investigation why: Because EcoVolt stabilizes the current in your house, these other products which are also constantly plugged into the power source become protected from the dreaded power spikes that keep on happening especially during stormy weather.


  • Can help you save up to 50 percent on your energy bill
  • Load capacity: 5kW – 19kW
  • Pays for itself in 1-2 months
  • Compact, easy-to-use plug-in unit
  • Increases lifespan of other household appliances and electronics

“I’ve been using EcoVolt now for a year and it feels just like I’m getting a 13th salary! No wonder utility companies don’t want homeowners to have this product.”

UPDATE: Since the publication of this article, representatives from EcoVolt got in touch to offer our readers a special deal. Not only can we now offer you EcoVolt with a 50 percent discount, but we can also throw in free worldwide shipping and multiple purchase discounts.

So why not to take advantage of these multiple purchase discounts and get an EcoVolt also for your friends, or your second home? Either way, try to get your own device before this device gets banned again as we cannot guarantee how long this small company can survive the fight against the big energy companies.

Act fast! EcoVolt is now available with a 50 percent discount, multiple-purchase discounts and free worldwide shipping for a limited time only.

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