During the old times women were highly disregarded simply because of their gender. According to tradition, women are good for nothing and must only marry a man in order to survive the jungle of life. They have no identity in society and merely a shadow that needs no recognition and acknowledgement. But now in the modern times the scales have reached a balance between gender differences. Women can now play in a man’s world. Even the field of military has seen its shares of women that have succeeded with flying colors. Is there really a modern-day military which is estrogen-powered?

The pages of history have been marked with women working their way into various cultural and national battles. Now, the ancient warrior status of women comes into forms of highly respected ranking officials in the military. Although that girl power has reached the boundaries of the military, debates have been driven around endlessly.

These debates are rooted on the doubt that women will be able to withstand the physically and mentally draining demands of combat. The shadows of sexual discrimination keep on pulling the female species back into the dark corner were they are placed by society. Certain factors are being used to formulate evidences on why women should not be allowed to enter into the military. As usual the differences in both genders are popping out.

From the point of view of the critics, men are still the dominant species in aspects of physicality and psyche. Women are being questioned on their capacity to withstand the traumatic experience of engaging battle in real-life situations. Another concept is at hand is the effect of having both genders present on battlegrounds.

Instead of just looking at the conflicts brought about by the war itself, other problems may take place due to the addition of women in the mix. Emotions can easily flare up leading to decisions that may gravely affect the outcome of the mission. There are reports wherein male soldiers who see female soldiers that get wounded during crossfire tend to be enraged and loss control.

Men naturally have that protective nature when they have the opposite sex by their side. Also, soldiers are traditionally viewed with all masculinity. The society is having a hard time accepting the fact that women can lace up those boots and tear their way into the battlefield. Women have been seen throughout the recent times serving the military as a support group. This was done in order to avoid unwanted complications in times of shootout and high-powered ammunition confrontations.

Although there have been documentations wherein women are regarded for their contribution during all-out encounters within the military. Presently, there are countries that only allow women to join the military given that they cannot be part of any form of combat namely Denmark, Israel, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Finland, Norway, and France. The United Kingdom recruit women in their artillery units while the US open its doors for ladies who can pilot planes.

Traditional practices and beliefs are hard to wipe out from our lives. Yet, if these principles hinder our progress and development why not open our thoughts to innovations that may boost our existence. This is not a man’s world anymore. Women have come a long way and have made their mark in great fashion. I don’t mind an a little bit of estrogen power in the military. Do you?

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