Are you attracted to the idea of a Zen lifestyle, but imagine it’s too difficult to create? You need not eat goji berries, drink yak milk, and sit in a challenging yoga pose in a sacred place to enjoy mindful healthy living. Here’s how to adopt a way of life that increases well-being but doesn’t involve anything too radical.

  1. Eat real food

Science is slowly revealing the truth about processed foods; they make you put on weight, lower your mood, and fail to offer the nourishment you need for a healthy mind and body. Make sure your diet contains plenty of real food–that means foodstuff you can identify as not having been tampered with so it no longer looks like it did in its natural form. As a result, you will function at a higher level than you would on a poor diet. Eating real food also helps to lessen anxiety.

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  1. Listen more, speak less

Be a fantastic listener and your relationships will improve. People will value your friendship and you’ll understand them better than when you are champing at the bit, waiting to have your turn while they speak. As a bonus, you’ll have enough time to think before you reply and provide wise answers.

  1. Make peace with your inner voice

People sometimes see their inner voice as an enemy because it can be critical rather than friendly. However, the little voice in your head will be a good pal if you give it a chance.

When it tells you something you don’t want to hear, it’s just showing you areas of your psyche that need work. For instance, if your inner voice says you aren’t good enough, it’s letting you know your self-esteem is low. Boost your self-image and your self-talk will change.

  1. Forgive

It takes a great deal of mental energy to hold a grudge. Doing so eats away at your well-being and can reduce your happiness and health. Let go and forgive people who upset you. When you do, you’ll be happier and free to enjoy life without resentment.

  1. Consume good energy

As well as ensuring you eat good food, take care to consume nourishing mental fodder. All things you come into contact with from the TV programs you watch to the people you spend the most time with impact your well-being. Consider everything as energy and question whether it’s positive or negative. Will it harm or help you?

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Zen is about mastering your mind and taking charge of the way you think and act. Practice the suggestions mentioned and your wisdom, insights, and inner peace will flourish.


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