Forceful attack awaits Syria

Forceful attack awaits Syria

President Trump confirms

After last weekend chemical poisoning of people in Syria, President Donald Trump on Monday declared that he was going to forcefully attack Syria back but failed to mention when the response would occur.

“We’re making a decision as to what we do with respect to the horrible attack that was made near Damascus, and it will be met and it will be met forcefully,” the president said at the top of a meeting with top military leaders at the White House. “When, I will not say because I don’t like talking about timing.”

Among the attendee of the meeting were vice president Mike Spence, defense secretary Jim Mattis, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen Joseph Dunford, Joh Bolton, who was marking his first day of being the National security adviser.

According to the president, the committee was going to make a decision tonight and the world was going to hear of it soon. The news is expected to be brought this morning to know the pending fate for the country after the poisonous attack.

The attack is said to have happened in Damascus, one of the rebel towns after they had a failed truce amid a resumed offensive by the government. According to the medics, rescuers and activists, more than 40 people with families in Douma city were found dead inside their houses. The reports confirmed that their death was caused by a chemical poisoning.

“We can’t let atrocities like we all witnessed … happen in our world,” Trump said Monday night, “especially when we’re able to — because of the power of the United States, because of the power of our country — we’re able to stop it.”

World leaders have condemned the poisoning with many saying of how it is ‘horrible’ and ‘inhuman’. According to the president of the United States Donald Trump, the attack on the poor people and families was ‘atrocious’. He further stated that the United States was in the time making a decision that would be lead to a major response into the attack in the next 24hrs to 48hrs.

This is not the first attack that the Syrian government have had this month, the country was put under the spotlight on Sunday night after there was an attack in the Syrian air base which is located near Homs city. The attack through airstrikes is said to have left over 14 people dead. Some of the dead people were identified to be Iranians.

In a report questioning the attack, the government of Damascus headed by President Bashar Asad denied claims of using poison to kill its own people.

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