“Health is Wealth”, like me you probably have heard this so many times from your parents or teachers and might have found it boring but as now we are grown up, we understand the deep meaning of this idiom.

We are lucky enough to have a chance to LIVE on this planet as human, and a healthy body can acclimatize a healthy mind & healthy soul. Indeed we should take care of health & body by being regular with routine workout or exercises.

We should adhere to our workout despite the change in routine or even if we are on travel. Everybody travels, sometimes planned and sometimes you have to rush to flight for last minute travel, it might be for business, pleasure, vacation, world domination or any family get together.

While traveling, we plan a lot but one thing we never plan or think about is continuity of our workout or exercise, whereas it’s very important to keep ourselves fit while traveling.

There are few cool activities & fitness tips that we can follow to stay fit while traveling, following let us discuss these individually:

1) Go for low calories food:

Mostly the ready meals are high in calories, whether you take fast food or a formal fancy dinner or lunch. If possible go for a healthy breakfast, as its breakfast which serves as fuel to your body for the entire day, most of the hotels provide complimentary breakfast, if you too get a chance, grab the opportunity. Also eat small meals, don stuff you tummy at once.

2) Walk Walk n Walk:

Think once before you book an uber for you any nearby ride, do you really always need a cab or transport vehicle to commute? Walking is a really good habit, you might not like the idea at beginning but once you get habitual you will seriously avoid taking vehicles.

3) Avoid Elevators:

Yes, avoid using elevators, instead choose stairs in your hotel or shopping malls or office buildings or wherever possible, using staircase unintentionally results as doing the routine workout.

4) Stay Hydrate:

Drinking lots of water in routine holds its own importance and keeping your body hydrated while traveling become more substantial, but avoid too much intake of soda, cold drinks or other canned juices, these will rather result adversely.

5) Be your Chef:

If get a chance to cook, prepare your low-calorie healthy food instead of always going out for meals. Buying groceries will also help in saving lots of bucks & staying with your own preferred diet.

Let’s be honest, staying fit while traveling is the least concern for most of the people but staying healthy also makes everyone feel happy in a big way & may intensify any travel experience.

Howbeit it’s not necessary that everything falls into the place and goes the way we planned, so be flexible to new challenges and try to react in a more practical way. Everybody has his own fitness mantra, be in routine or while traveling, but the above given travel fitness tips will surely benefit you profusely.

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