Fashion may be simple but as huge as that. For majority of people, developing their own sense of style that one is comfortable in may take some considerable amount of time. To get it right with fashion, you have to figure out what you comfortable in, what you like best and how to style your chosen pieces in the wardrobe in a unique way. What makes an outfit special is the way you style it, how you accessorize it, and how you choose to match different pieces together. As you figure out your sense of style, here are some few tips that will help you transform a boring outfit into one that will catch everyone’s attention.

  1. Work on your posture

A confident posture gives one a better attitude and they tend to believe in themselves more. When you tend to have a tall stand, your clothes fits better on you and you feel better wearing them, this soars your confidence to high levels. Always keep your posture in check, it helps in improving your sense of style. This can be done through workouts such as pull-ups, body weight rows and dumbbell rows. The exercises help in pulling your shoulder blades down and back that guarantees a healthier posture.

  1. Clear out your closet

Wardrobes are normally full of so many clothes that we don’t wear and like. It proves difficult to put on a great outfit that one would feel good in with all the stuffed clothes in the drawers. A good closet purge is a must. Take everything out of your closet and sort them out for keep, give away and even tailoring. Having a good view of the few or many clothes that you have in your closet gives you new ways to wear them. Have a local tailor in the stand by to mend the ill-fitting items so that they fit perfectly.

The tailor will assist you turn your ill-fitting to fantastic which will escalate your wear into ten folds.


  1. Give yourself an attitude adjustment

The first step to looking good is choosing to feel good. Making a good impression matters and your attitude contributes to it, making an effort to improve on it is a big payoff. Style has got more to do with just putting on the latest trend and spending a fortune on designer labels, it is the armor that you put on ready to take on the day. Having the right and positive attitude compliments everything that you wear 1000% better than any designer clothing that you purchase. This also gives you mental boosts from the compliments that assure a positive self.

Take control of your personal style today, once you know how good you can look without spending a fortune, the better you will feel. No matter your size, age or budget, you are entitled to having a life with style. Dress better and gain confidence. When you look good you will definitely feel good.

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