Involvement of Russia in U.S Elections

Involvement of Russia in U.S Elections

What to Know

For some time now, American’s President Donald Trump has denied claims that Russia had any involvement in the U.S elections in 2016. A special counsel was appointed to dig in the potential wrongdoings that may have occurred. Investigations into the matter have revealed further information that is contradicting to his statements. Multiple charges have been brought up against people who are believed to have been involved. The investigators were looking for the involvement of the people into the American’s campaigns and the financial ties that were between trump and his associates.

In May 2017, Robert Mueller was appointed by the department of justice to head the investigations into the matter. The investigation was announced to have been closed in March by the House Intelligence Committee. In a statement issued to the press by Mike Conaway in Texas, the counsel is said to have found no evidence into the accusations. The investigations have led to multiple charges although none was directly involved in the campaigns.

Richard Gates and Manafort who was the former Trump’s campaign manager, was on 27th October 2017 indicted of several charges which he pleaded not guilty to. The charges included conspiracy to launder money, conspiracy against the state, false statements, and the failure to file reports on the financial accounts. Among those were indicted of the crimes and pleaded guilty were Michael’s Flynn who is trump’s former security adviser. He was accused of having a secret affair with the Russians that begged the big question of betrayal to the enemy.

Alex van Der Zwaan an attorney, Richard Pinedo a California man who sold banks accounts to the Russians both pleaded guilty to their accusations. In additional, more than 13 Russian nationals were indicted for allegedly interfering with the elections. With trump being in suspense of whether he was to be put under the FBI scrutiny or not, Muller was fired. The president was vindicated in the investigations whose results were dismissed by the democrats as they perceived the probe to be biased against the president and weeks later they released their memo which defended the FBI and the president.

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