Are you annoyed with your weight loss programs that do not yield results? Believe it or not, one of the many reasons you may not be losing weight is your metabolism. People who have slow metabolism even after eating less cannot lose weight easily. The fat gets clinged to the body stubbornly.

Without further ado, let’s just lay down the list of foods you didn’t know could boost up your metabolism:

Egg yolk

You may find it a little surprising, but the yolk does help in boosting the metabolism. The yolk should be consumed along with the egg white. They are a rich source of fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids, and choline. The last one helps in regulating fat storing genes in the body.

Patients with metabolic syndrome, a condition which leads to abdominal obesity have bad cholesterol in their body. Egg yolk is found to increase plasma HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol. Having one or two eggs is good for such people.


It is known for having high thermic effect. This implies that it burns more calories than any other food. It helps in controlling food cravings which implies that you do not eat any unhealthy food. Another benefit one gets by consuming garlic is better immunity. Eating a clove every day boosts the metabolism. Try it and see it for yourselves.


But not just any. Plain yoghurt is considered to be the ice breaker, not sweetened. As we all know, yoghurt contains good gut bacteria. Eating at least 250 gms of yoghurt every day can help in cutting down any fat deposition in the mid section of the body. One of the reasons for slow metabolism is improper digestion. Yoghurt with its good bacteria can help in digestion and hence boost the metabolism. Alternatively, one can have a bowl of yoghurt with fruits post lunch

as dessert. This serves two purposes. One, your craving for a dessert and another better metabolism.

Water after Waking up

There is nothing better than the water therapy for boosting your metabolism. Drink a minimum of 2 glasses of water after you wake up. This process leads to evacuation of toxins from the body which implies lesser inflammation in the body. Lesser infections, better metabolism. Keep drinking water all day long and keep yourselves on the metabolic game.


Not many can think that this food can actually boost up the metabolism, but it does. This is mainly for the women who are often calcium deficient. Drink a glass of milk every day before sleeping. It helps in boosting the metabolism. Adding a pinch of turmeric can add to the benefits. Remember, it is the full cream milk that helps in revving up the metabolism.

Summing up

There are green tea and many other foods which you have been consuming so far. Try the above; they will help you achieve what you haven’t so far.