Life Changing Light!

If you are one of those people, like me, who feels guilty about disturbing people around you when you want to read on a plane trip or even in bed when your partner is trying to sleep.

And how many times have you strained your neck or your eyes when the light is not good enough to indulge in your favorite book and you sit there all frustrated and unable to sleep…

Well I have found the solution. A fantastic little product that everyone could use… This little gadget has changed my life. I now no longer lie in bed or sit on a plane with nothing to do.. I can indulge in my latest bestseller without bothering others since I’ve discovered the OrLight rechargeable LED hug book light.

It’s quite ingenious actually, you place the hug light around your neck and you can read, knit or crochet without irritating anyone around you. It is fantastic for any mode of transport – be it trains, planes or cars where you want to read without disturbing others.  This lightweight light is adjustable, comfortable to wear and helps eliminate eye strain, a huge cause of headaches.

You can adjust the intensity and direction of light exactly as needed and let your neighbor sleep or drive without complaints. How amazing is this?  

This fab little gadget is extremely versatile and will be loved by everyone in the house as it is ideal for reading, knitting or crafts, sewing and Barbecuing. It is literally a shining light. It also makes a fantastic gift. I can promise you now that it will be one of the best gifts you ever give.

No more giving yourself headaches from straining your eyes or neck pain from trying to get the perfect light in a badly lit room, while reading or working late into the night. Its lightweight and compact which is great when travelling. It is also a fantastic for when you are lying in bed reading while your partner is sleeping. No worries about disturbing others sleeps while you read late into the night and if you order it now not only do you get the rechargeable book light but you will receive a complimentary page marker and bookmark so you don’t need to worry about losing your place or losing which page you are on.

I absolutely delighted with this book light! Easy to use. Hands free. And, the light is the perfect intensity for reading anywhere!”

“It works great! The ends are weighted enough that they don’t bounce around, and the LED lights illuminate enough that I can easily read the directions I need. My husband was not distracted at all by the light, which has been a problem with other lights I’ve tried.”

I love this light so much that I have just ordered a second one for my husband (because if he steals mine one more time I might just throttle him with it) and one for my mother who spends any moment she can knitting or crocheting (which is incredibly difficult at night with bad lighting – a problem that is solved with this nifty little gadget) – and I’ve heard that they have an amazing promotion running at the moment, only valid for the next 50 units sold do you get the free bookmark and page-turner… you can check it out here:

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