Instagram follows closely with 700 million users. With the growing number of users’ every day, there are higher thefts of accounts and hacking in every platform. Social network theft can be inform of password theft, computer bugs and also identity theft. Therefore there exists the need to protect your personal social networks. In every platform there exist different security measures with settings. Here are some of the data rules that are applied for most of the used social networks.

  1. Protect your data on Facebook

In this era, Facebook is the most attacked and criticized network in the world. It has necessitated adapting privacy policies to protect the public privacy. There are different ways to protect your personal data against the third parties.

  • Control what you post on Facebook. The information you post of Facebook should not be sensitive to the extent if your personal privacy is breached there are negative consequences that follow.
  • Manage the interactions and impact of others on your content. An account that has a heavy impact on its users faces the threat of being hacked in a higher rate as compared to those with less impact. Let the information you pass through have some positive impact to protect it.
  • Customize what you see.
  • Control the ads that Facebook shows you. The less you get to view the less you will be exposed to social hacking and theft. Some of the ads on Facebook are only meant to lure you into traps of your security being interdicted.


  1. Protect your data on Instagram

Instagram is a social network that is dedicated mainly in sharing of videos and photos. In the application, there exists a feature on section of privacy and security meant to protect the photos and videos that you share. The section is meant to help in;

  • Resolving abuse from people
  • Secure sharing of photos
  • Reporting any theft, hacking or abuses from other users
  • Controlling your account visibility.


  1. Protect your data on twitter

When it comes to twitter, the information that you share gets to be viewed throughout the world. The social network warns of this from the word go on signing in. This makes it essential for you to protect what you share on twitter. The application offers secure policies that ensure that what you share doesn’t get out of hand.

There exists no totally safe social network, thus there is need to use different tools to protect your data. Tools are inclusive of a site like Trace your shadow where the application keeps track of what you share. Another application is the CCleaner  Software which ensures that it cleans your unnecessary data such as the cookies, temporary data and also browsing histories.

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