The race to replace senator Manchin took a turn when Don Blankenship got himself in the race. A year ago he was the CEO of the Massey Energy Company which killed an approximate of 29 miners in an explosion. He has jumped into the senatorial race ready to replace the incumbent senator Joe Manchin in a state where President Donald Trump garnered 42 point in the 2016 elections. His competitors in the race are West Virginia General Patrick Morrissey and Congressman Evan Jenkins.

According to Blankenship, the race to get the seat is not to be in a revenge mission to the outgoing senator. Manchin who was the governor back then is said to have accused Don of having blood on his hands after the mine collapsed. In his belief, Don says that the conclusion met then was done so under political mischievousness of his rivals. Having lost the felony convictions charges, there was less to charge him with. Before his entry into the race, the contest was more already contentious.

To convince his supporters, Don accuses Jenkins of being a democrat who would get fewer votes from the people. The main aim for the two rivals is to get ahead of each other in the race in coming closer to the president, Donald trump. In his defense, Jenkins has said that he is the one who has been of support to the ruling president and has managed to establish a good working relationship between them. The state’s attorney general has also expressed his relations with the president citing the roll back they have on environmental regulations.

With the race getting more contentious, the three continue to have different views of each other and that of the leader of the senate majority leader. Only Jenkins wants him to continue with his work while the others want him replaced. The primary date to determine the suitable democrat to run against Manchin is set for May 8.

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