Reasons why Russia should be afraid of the United States

Reasons why Russia should be afraid of the United States

Putin should not start a world war

After the nerve agent attack on a former spy and his daughter, the United States have been on a silent diplomatic war with Russia. The poison is said to have been manufactured and processed illegally by the Russians which put them on the spot for the two cases. As for the motive of the action, it was suspected the former spy worked for the UK foreign intelligence. With the most likelihood of carrying out the attack, Russia made an intrusion to a NATO territory for the second time after a former case of radiation poisoning on a Russian spy.

Since the incident, the three states have been involved in expelling of diplomatic and spies from their countries. This has led to drained relations between the countries and has had adverse effects on the economy. Meanwhile the United States have expelled 60 Russian diplomats and indicted several Russians for their involvement in the American presidential elections in 2016.According to the Trump administration; all of the expelled diplomats were undercover spies who were working in the United Nations. He explained on the closure of the Seattle consulate where he said that it was a counter intelligence measure since it was near the U.S navy base.

Many have the hope that it is only a start for a more aggressive war towards Russia. What is worrying are the effects of more aggressiveness. Where will it leave America? In case of an eruption of a second world war, Russia’s arsenal nuclear capability is at bar with that of America. The United States would have to its advantage as it borders Europe and China where it has military, troops and interest. Because of this, Russia needs to rethink of any decision to start war with the United States.

Russia has more posing power given the more nuclear they have access to and they possess a big threat to the states too. Maintaining peace is essential, having it through strength is in order but Putin should take a breather and rethink of his decisions first before acting. According to Barry Posen, America ought to stay at the top of the game no matter what. Societies that do not share American’s interests should be broken. To stay on top we ought to enable confidence in the Americans, in the system and lay our most focus in our national interests.

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