The rise of the shootings has contributed to a public concern on the existing reasons why such killings occur and over gun control policies. In the US, since 1764 when the first school shooting was recorded, there have been hundreds of deaths that have occurred. Here are some of the pointed causes of school shooting.

  1. Mental health problems

This has severally been pointed as the major reason for school shooting. Most of the school shooters have been proved to be mentally ill or having mental issues after thorough examinations. If the cases are identified at an early stage, psychiatric support can help prevent most of the cases. In cases where there was early intervention of the student’s mental instability, cases of improper diagnosis and treatment have been reported.

  1. Gun control

In the United States, it is easy for one to acquire a firearm. Gun regulation policies are not strict where a student who is above 18 years can purchase a gun. This has become an easy way for the shooters to gain access to a gun. There are more than 16,000 shops where purchase of guns can be done easily. Teenagers and children have been trained on the use of guns at a young tender age that makes it easy for them to use later.

  1. Search for attention

The shooters want the attention of being an antihero. The search for notoriety among the students marks a potential need to mass shootings. An attack on a given school would attract much media attention and this will as well attract attention for them. The intervals at which school shootings occur are relatively short. This makes it possible for the killers to be in search of more attention and publicity than the previous ones.

  1. Culture of violence

This is a major occurrence in the entertainment and media sectors. The explicit violence that is portrayed in the video-games, movies and also books that glorify the actions contribute to the teenagers’ engagement in school shootings. The exposure to the violence makes them prone to committing the crimes as they view them.

  1. School bullying

In recent reports, most of the kids who were involved in mass shooting faced bullying in their schools. The students tend to turn their wrath and frustration on their teachers and classmates. Other students believe that they are in the act of correcting justice where they believe they were treated unfairly, insulted or harmed. Such students attack the school in the act of revenging of the injustice done to them.

Mass and school shooting is a horrific problem that we should find quick solutions to. Public policies and new restrictions should be advocated for to make a difference and save more lives. Background checks should be undertaken to ensure that only safe gun licensing and issuing is done to the rightful people.

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