After developing news of the caravan of immigrants headed to the United States through Mexico, Donald trump ordered troops to guard the border. Different cities have pledged to produce half of the number of troops required to guard the border. The republican governors from three states have pledge to give 1600 national guards to counter smuggling and illegal immigration into the country.

In a statement last week, Trump issued a proclamation whereby he stated of his wish to supply troops ranging from 2000-4000 to the border. In his statement he also included “”My administration has no choice but to act,”.

The president defended his move to use the military in guarding the borders as a way to keep America safe until his proposal to build a wall was passed in Congress. The 2000-4000 troops have since been approved and their payments have been processing from then. Governor Greg Abott from Texas in a statement said that he would double the number of troops to the border to realise a target of 1000 troops to be deployed. In addition to the troops provision, the governor also said that the guards would be armed to be in a position to fight any danger that may come along.

In Arizona the troops to be supplied were boosted from 225 to 338. The troops were to assist the law enforcers in stemming out narcotics, weapons, criminals and help in the flow of trafficked people. New Mexico was expected to deploy, a total of 80 soldiers out of the 250 guards that they pledged to send.

The only hold out state in the country is California which is governed by Governor Jerry Brown who is a Democrat and has not yet announced whether his troops were going to participate in protecting the borders. For the past years, Brown has fought with the president severally over the immigration policies.  Under the federal law the president sent the National Guard troops through a proclamation. The governors retain their power and control over their troops as the government participate in the national payment of the soldiers.

The sending of the troops comes as a response for the cry for more guards at the borders as there is a rise in the people caught crossing the border illegally. As compared to the earlier regimes in the United States of president Obama, Clinton and bush, the Trump’ administration has registered the lowest number of illegal immigrants caught at the border.

The caravan that was moving from Mexico to United States is said to have stopped in the Mexican capital. The caravan had sparked bitter criticism from president Trump, however the organizers of the caravans denied the claims that they were heading to the United States of America.

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