This has been caused by the poisoning attack that happened to the UK ex spy and his daughter. Mr Skripal, a former M16 double agent together with his daughter at the age of 33 was found slumped on a bench outside a shopping centre. This happened after they had been poisoned with a nerve agent that was believed to be from Russia. In retaliation to the expulsion of the Russian diplomats in the US, Russian Kremlin has ordered the expulsion of 60 United States diplomats and the closing of a US consulate in St. Petersburg. In one of the biggest tit- for tat game not warmer since the cold war, 58 diplomats in Moscow and two from Yekaterinburg received orders to leave the country in the next one week as they are accused of illegal spying.

The US had expelled the same number of diplomats last week. According to the Russian foreign minister, the same fate was expected to be fell countries that had fired their diplomats also. This brings the total number of the diplomats expelled by the Russians to be 150. According to the British ambassador through a televised comment in Interfax, he termed the moves taken by both the countries as a response to ensure that international system of security is maintained.

The Russian foreign ministry has further discouraged more provocations from the United States citing the need to protect the existing bilateral relations between them. “We are not going to simply react to what the Anglo-Saxon nexus is doing to us, forcing everyone to follow an anti-Russian course. We want to find out the truth.” the ambassador to US in Moscow explained amid the thriving pressure to follow suit the Russian way.

The United States consulate was called to be closed after a vote on twitter where 57,000 votes were received. St Petersburg received the most votes with 47% and was to face closure in a weeks’ time. Russia has continued to deny the allegations that they were behind the poisoning of the former Spy and accuse Britain of using the Russian made agent to start war between the countries. With more threats being received from the United States ministries, the Russians warn of a more serious degradation of their relations.

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