How safe is your personal data on Facebook

    How safe is your personal data on Facebook

    Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active users every month.

    The tech giant company has recently faced the scrutiny over the issue of security. This has left the questions to many over the overall safety of their personal data with less knowledge of who is using it. How safe is it to even use Facebook nowadays? Should we really quit from using the application? After the Cambridge expose on the company, the Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberrg issued an apology for the breach of personal data for its 50 million users but the question that still begs is why did he have to lie on the information earlier? With such a huge company why did it take so long to notice and take control of the situation before their user’s personal data was breached?

    If the recent revelations on the use of more than 50 million American’s personal data by the trump linked political data Cambridge is true, then, it’s the high time we quit using Facebook. The company is said to have used the millions of personal data to gain mileage of its political campaigns without the knowledge of the users. This has since sent out a social out-cry for people to #delete Facebook. You know as the saying goes, when a service is free then you better come to your senses and realize that you are the product. Unfortunately it took too long for the Facebook users to realise this.

    According to one of the companies managing data firm directors, Raj Goyle, all data firms make use of their user’s personal data to make money. The million dollar question that begs here is how and when the users draw the line of what they can and can’t do. “It’s extremely hard for people to safely use a platform when they are not completely sure what they should be protecting themselves against, and what warning signs they should be looking for.” Mr Raj Goyle explained.

    For those who are just into the Application and cannot afford missing out on those cute adorable baby cousins’ posts, here are some tips to securing your personal data. To start with, go to your applications tab and under the Apps, website and plugins hit the edit tab and make changes to disable platform. This will bar the Facebook application from sharing your information using the API, which is the feature that third parties use to see all your activities.

    It’s is just a big contradiction of how someone can easily use an application that was solely meant for connecting people and their data to try and exploit them. The big question is what was the role of the Facebook application on 2016 presidential general election? The expose is just a reminder of the dangers, and privacy risks that we inevitably have to face when our personal data is analysed, stored and shared with social marketers, data brokers and the social media companies with less of our knowledge. With the growing technology it seems that it is just impossible to store vast amount of personal data in one platform and not risk breach. Facebook has failed to and neither has it showed any interest to protect its users. It’s the high time we make the big decision.

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