The last salt and pepper grinder you’ll ever have to buy!  

There is nothing worse than attempting to grind a little bit of salt on your food and the entire thing falls apart onto your plate so you are busy picking salt crystals or peppercorns out of your food.

It was quite by chance that I came upon the most beautiful salt and pepper grinder set.  I was at a restaurant with some friends recently when I used the beautiful Kitchen Bliss salt and pepper grinder set. Not only is it pretty but it’s practical too. I simply had to have them. I searched high and low until I found them on Amazon- and I haven’t looked back since.

The sleek and simple design looks just as good on a table as it does on the kitchen shelf. Furthermore, they keep your spices fresh thanks to their airtight lid.


There are so many pros to these salt and pepper mills but a few of my favs are that they are bigger than your average grinder (they hold a full ¾ cup) which makes it ideal for a comfortable grip – not too big but not too small – the goldilocks of grinders. Secondly, the grinding level can be adjusted, so depending on how coarse or fine you want your ingredients, you just adjust it to suit your needs. The grinding mechanism is ceramic and the grinder itself is made of stainless steel so no worries about rust and it is so easy to refill.

As an extra bonus if you buy it today you will get a free wooden spice spoon which I really love. Who doesn’t love free stuff, right?!

But hey why take my word and the word of hundreds of others – chefs and foodies alike – buy yours today and see for yourself. After all, you snooze you lose and don’t come running to me when you miss out on one of the best products out there!

“These salt and pepper grinders I’ve been using for about a week or two now and I love them so far. They grind up the salt and pepper perfectly and I love that the size of the grounds is adjustable. They are easy to use and very stylish. If you’re looking for a good set at a good price, stop looking now because these are great!”

Find it here and see for yourself:


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