This has become a part of living for the Americans regardless of the fact that many of the attacks are not terrorism related. This has called for tough actions and revision of policy gun laws to control ownership of guns. This has been met with a lot of criticism that tend to balance national security with gun ownership and gun rights. Given the deadly shootings that have occurred in the recent years, here are some solutions to controlling gun ownership in the United States of America.

  1. Change the existing gun laws.

This calls for regulation of sale of weapons that would reduce assault.  The gun control policies act of the 1976 dictates that a short gun can be sold to anyone who is above 28 years while for other riffles you are required to be over 21 years. The act should be reviewed to restrict any sale of guns to the public without any licence and training to operate a gun.

  1. Bullet control

This would take cause with the restriction of online buying and selling of bullets. This would be regulating online sale stores. A national registry should be kept to control the number of ammunition that are in the market and raise a red flag whenever there are excess or unwanted sales. A minimum amount should be set of the number of bullets that a person ought to own in protecting home and property. Industries that manufacture the chemicals that are used in making bullet powder should be registered and monitored.

  1. Have concerned and trained citizens carrying guns

To own a gun, the citizens ought to be trained and permitted by the local or state police. As a co-brainer to the need of having a driving licence for you to drive, one should be in possession of a gun licence after training in order to possess a gun.  A background check which should involve the owner’s mental stability should be a priority when undertaking the test to issue a gun license.

  1. Give people full market value for their guns

Several people and organisations have argued that this is the best way to curb illegal gun issuing and the removal of guns from the public population. This would be done best through the buyback program and legislative fiat. Giving the public a full price for the guns would serve as an incentive to sell their guns back.

  1. Avoid issue of machine guns and assault riffles

Guns that are designed to inflict massive killings and destruction in a short time should be illegal to sell to the public. Long magazines, that depends on the rapidity of the shots to be fired should also be regulated. Civilians should not have the license to operate an assault rifle or a machine. The government ought to take control and give the public a list of the banned guns. Give a deadline on when to submit the guns and issue penalties for any non-compliance.

Reducing the number of guns and stopping the rise of shootings in America would call for more than change in policy. The public ought to collaborate with the government in ensuring there are less unwanted guns in the streets. Parents should also take control of their children and know of their activities.

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