The women recount of the sexual relations they have had with the married man Donald Trump in 2006 which doesn’t look good on his image. These are allegations that the United States president seem to be denying. The details to the story are just salacious and disturbing to read and think about. Trump unfaithfulness to his wife Melania and his many sexual escapades with different women to add to the existing mystery DVD which was tweeted by the attorney Michael Avenatti has quite given the public of the clear image of who the president is.

These are just scaring and outstanding revelations that got everyone thinking. The evangelical voters who believed in trump and decided to give him the undivided support did not even for a day think of trump as an angel. With his loyal fans and voters, the republicans are most likely seeing the unfolding as nothing but sceptical and malicious efforts meant to bash their president. But if you are keen, pay more and close attention to this.

Daniel’s story has the ability to energize and mobilize the female votes. This mostly falls for the category of the educated college women. From the beginning it was well known of the women predicament that befell Donald Trump before entry into office. This is no way surprising but a list added to the existing one. The former president Hillary Clinton garnered 54% votes from the women. As opposed to his case, Donald has been faced with numerous women challenges from the mass protest which happened in January 2017 which drew women from all parts of the USA to protest his presidency.

There have been numerous concerns about the president which ranges from Hollywood tape that emerged during the election, his policies that have promoted gender inequality to the allegations of being a sex-in-chief which he has done nothing to allay. The Americans hoped for more gender equality from the Hillary’s presidency but were disappointed to settle for less with Trump’s inconsiderate views on the gender equality issue. Given a single second chance, the women would pray to undo the damage that Trump’s victory has so far caused.

If the women who believe in equality would turn up in electing their leaders, they would have a very democratic house and senate with less concern to the presidency which has already been cast. The ratings as compared to last year for the female college students that supported trump according to NBC news has fallen from 32% to a 27% which is a major blow. The president’s numbers in women has fallen drastically with most of the women having recorded a weakened enthusiasm and a widening gender gap with the ruling party.

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