With nothing but warm weather ahead, so-called “bathing-suit season” (summer) is here, and it has more Americans hitting the gym. In fact, the health club industry generates more than $80 billion U.S. dollars a year. About 25% of people in the United States, who work out at least once a month, say that exercise, workout or sports generally are part of their daily routine according to a Statista survey. The main reasons for exercising? Health, then weight loss, building strength, and and improving appearance.

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Gym-goers in Chico says it’s about more than that – they want to feel better, year round. “I think it’s the natural chemistry of joy and endorphins that it gives me, once you get started and tap into that, and the friendship factor, seeing your body change for the good,” said Robin St. Clare.

“Well, it just makes me feel happier and healthier, as I get older it’s important to stay healthy and active,” said Nancy Wolfe. Cardiovascular fitness is a big contributor to a healthy heart; according to local trainer Sara Beacham, try to get 30 minutes in a day.

But, Beacham says it’s all too easy to over-do it, so give yourself a day or more off each week, and try to change up your routine – don’t let yourself get bored and quit because you’re tired of the same activity. “Sometimes you need a guide or a goal, activity trackers are a huge trend right now – something that will keep you accountable. If you have a partner in crime, someone that can help you get motivated to get going, said Beacham.

Consistency and discipline

It doesn’t have to be expensive or extreme – that accountability can come from needing to walk your dog or agreeing to meet a friend for a bike ride. Beacham says if you’re trying to lose weight, take it slow and be realistic. You should make an appointment with a nutritionist and set a goal this is safe and gradual. Eating seasonal, local fruits and vegetables is a good way to keep your meal-plan light, fresh and clean.

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Beacham says fluids are all the more important now with the hot Summer weather, but avoid sugary or alcoholic beverages if you’re trying to lose weight and really, just to keep you hydrated and healthy. Remember, those fad diets don’t always work, and they can be dangerous. Beacham says while you want to burn more calories than you take in each day to lose weight, you still need to allow yourself proteins, fats and carbs – everything in moderation. “Start writing things down – fitness trackers like My Fitness Pal, they create an accountability for yourself … fill your plate with color, that’s a simple way to stay on track with eating seasonally and make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need,” said Beacham.

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