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Millennials reinvent the Accounts Payable profession

Millennials, these change agents are blazing new trails, ushering in innovation and helping reinvent the Accounts Payable (AP) profession. Understanding their needs and expectations...

California states concern on the mixs of sustainability and innovation

Last week, the California legislature voted to move to completely decarbonize its electric grid by 2045. “The state's aggressiveness comes as the Trump administration...

Book Overview: Can Business Save the Earth?: Innovating Our Way to...

If we address climate change, let alone our broader sustainability challenges, we need significant disruptive innovation across a wide-number of sectors. Will we be...

Internet of Things based automation: New business models for manufacturers?

Many years ago, one of my distributor partners took me to a very large industrial OEM for an automation demo. Afterwards, we went into...

Does innovative business model of Factal will disrupt the media industry?

A little under two years later, the founders of Breaking News think they’ve found a way to bring back the product (sort of) while...

The best freeware mind-mapping software for brainstorming your innovative ideas

Brainstorming sessions are great, but sometimes you can drown in a thicket of ideas, half-concepts, and free-floating words. If that sound familiar, you might...

Most inspiring Business to Business (B2B) innovation practices

In his excellent article titled, An Open Letter to CEOs, Alex Osterwalder, co-founder of @Strategyzer, reported, “A recent McKinsey study shows that 80% of...

Some ideas must try by innovator leader

No one said that being a leader is supposed to be easy. You have to keep everything moving forward in the core business, while...

The secrets of long lasting family business: Hard work, innovation and...

It is a challenge for a family business to reach the second generation of ownership, much less a third. The percentage reaching the fourth...

Five steps to foster innovation in your organization

Leaders should encourage workers to think outside of the box. As leaders, we all want it. We all say it. We all wait for...


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