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Deep learning algorithms: Children are excellent at learning

Deep learning algorithms appear to learn information in much the same way. A prominent theory that is seeing some pickup lately is called the information...

Reasons to consider distance learning for your kids

A new academy is shaking up traditional distance learning with a combined approach that strikes the perfect balance for expat families. Think distance learning...

Parenting advice: Kids and social media

Most teens use some form of social media and have a profile on a social networking site. Many visit these sites every day. There...

Parenting advice: how to manage kids anger

“Punch pillows!” is a common piece of advice children hear regarding how to manage anger. The idea behind this advice is that people have to let...

What parents can do to keep kid’s eyes and ears safe

As kids spend more and more time tethered to gadgets—watching YouTube videos on a tablet or blasting tunes through their headphones—experts are worried about...

Back to school: Alternative ways to ask “how was your day?”...

It's the first full week of school for most students in Tampa Bay. That means a new grade, new teacher and new classes. Parents...

Be ready when your kids sick during vacation

Whether it is your first time traveling with your kids or your a seasoned traveling parent no one wants the vacation they've been looking...

Come and try first science for kids on BASF Kids’ Lab...

Do you know kids’ most popular reaction to chemistry? It’s “Wow!” - one simple word with great scientific experience behind it. We’ve heard it...

Summer is the perfect time of family therapy for kids

The middle of summer is a never-ending mix of excitement and relaxation for families. At least, that’s the theory. Realistically, family life is still...

8 financial tips for every new parent

Becoming a parent is the most life-changing event that many will experience. You are suddenly not only responsible for yourself, but also another person...


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