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Millennials reinvent the Accounts Payable profession

Millennials, these change agents are blazing new trails, ushering in innovation and helping reinvent the Accounts Payable (AP) profession. Understanding their needs and expectations...

How to make postal services still relevant to millennials?

One reason snail mail feels so good to receive is because it wasn’t easy to send. When a letter lands in your mailbox, you...

Harley-Davidson, Trump and Millennials

The first thing you should do when you meet a Harley-Davidson rider is check the back of his—or her, but let’s be honest, it’s...

Be careful of your millennial child money culprit

When adulthood arrives, most kids flee the family nest, eager to take off on their own journey to independence. Thanks to a difficult economy,...

The evolution of parenting from Millennials perspective

Millennial parents believe they parent their children differently than their own parents – the Baby Boomer generation – raised them. In fact, research shows...

Insight for leaders: Millennial’s green culture at workplace

As you’ve probably worked out by now, the millennial generation is different. For many leaders earning the loyalty of and getting the best from...

The millennial generation and insurance industry insight

The Millennial generation, especially students, are not familiar with the insurance industry and the types of careers available in it. Demonstrating the current disconnect,...

Millennials going green in their investments

As worldwide concern around climate change and global warming grows, many South Africans are seeking new and innovative ways of reducing, recycling and conserving...


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