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What parents can do to keep kid’s eyes and ears safe

As kids spend more and more time tethered to gadgets—watching YouTube videos on a tablet or blasting tunes through their headphones—experts are worried about...

Change management: invest, build or partner?

Change is always a good thing, so the saying goes. In a market obsessed by transformation, and driven by disruption, the change-or-die attitude infiltrating the...

Dear parents, there is appropriate technology for kids at every age

If you’re like most parents, you’re proudly documenting your child’s firsts: smile, steps, words. But today’s photo albums are filling up with other firsts...

Synergy between food industry and technology urgently needed

It’s no secret that global food production is heading towards a crisis. The system is unsustainable, and things will only get worse unless we...

US futurologist calls on people to adopt an exponential mindset

Technological advances will not stop, and the only way to cope is to get used to the changes, Jonathan Knowles, an American futurologist, said...


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