See why new parents swear by this fabulous baby changing mat!

I get it, you’re a new parent, you’ve got a tiny bundle of joy who requires more equipment and ‘things’ just to leave the house than a UN delegation visiting a third world country. You have a change of clothes, bottles, pacifiers, stuffed toys, blankets, another change of clothes just in case. You think you’ve covered all your bases and so cleverly thought of everything until you get to your destination and you realize that the baby changing area is nothing short of a cesspool of germs. In fact, you wouldn’t take a dog in there never mind let your baby’s bum touch that gross changing table…

You have tried what feels like every product known to man… blankets (get wet and dirty easily), cumbersome changing mats (not convenient for anywhere other than your house), or if you do find something that works then you have smelly diapers and dirty wet wipes everywhere. That is when you wished you knew about the Bebetino diaper changing pad. All your baby changing problems solved in one fabulous product.

The Bebetino diaper changing pad is compact and lightweight so you not lugging around another bag that weighs more than your baby, and it’s stylish too… none of this frumpy mummy rubbish. This mat rolls up and keeps everything nice and neat. It fits into most baby bags and has convenient straps that clip to your stroller or purse. It’s cute, convenient, it can be used literally anywhere, even as protection for your furniture at home or in the car. It is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about any nasty messes. The mat also covers baby from head to toe meaning they are not exposed to any gross germs and both mom and baby are happy.

All you do is roll this nifty changing pad onto an unsanitary area and you ready to change your baby. You don’t have to worry about scrubbing down the surface so you have a clean space to change your babies diaper. Baby is protected and you have peace of mind and one of the best features? it comes with scented diaper bags which disguise any lingering foul smells!

Who wouldn’t appreciate the extra 50 scented sacks you receive as a free gift when you place your order.

But hey why just take my word for it have a look yourself,

I can promise you won’t regret it!

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