Summer is officially here, and new research shows that some states are a lot better than others for road trips. Who came out on top in WalletHub‘s best and worst list … Wyoming. The company analyzed 50 states in terms of safety, costs, and activities, and further in terms of 31 factors, giving each state a total score out of 100. The company also used information from the U.S. Census Bureau, among many other sources.

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The best states for summer 2018 road trips

Here are the states that topped the list (with their overall score):

1) Wyoming (total score: 58.75)

2)North Carolina (total score: 56.24)

3) Minnesota (total score: 56.13)

4) Texas (total score: 55.46)

5) Florida (total score: 54.62)

6) Louisiana (total score: 54.40)

7) Washington (total score: 53.74)

8) New York (total score: 53.72)

9) Utah (total score: 53.44)

10) Colorado (total score: 53.06)

Ones to avoid?

Wondering about the end of the list? These five states finished at the bottom:

46) New Mexico (total score: 45.28)

47) Hawaii (total score: 40.70)

48) Delaware (total score: 40.51)

49) Connecticut (total score: 38.62)

50) Rhode Island (total score: 38.58)

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