If you up to cooking some healthier chicken tenders for your guests, I have got you covered. There’s nothing boring like an old rubbery chicken breast slapped into a pan. The breasts are not only dry but tasteless. Here I give you a recipe on how to prepare a finger biting, juicy, and delicious chicken with all ingredients and steps highlighted;

Prep time; 25 minutes

Cooking time; 20 minutes

Level of difficulty; Easy

Servings; 3


  • Salt and pepper
  • 3 tea spoons of olive oil
  • 3 pounds boneless chicken breasts


Step 1. Brine the chicken breasts

This is super easy if you up to having a juicy and moist chicken. This can be effectively accomplished in 10 minutes.  The chicken breasts are brined in warm water that is in room temperature which makes it tender when cooking. For easy and good brining mix a handful of salt with a bowl of warm water and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. After the time has elapsed rinse the chicken using cold water and dry it with paper towels.

Step 2. Brush the chicken breasts

You can either use butter or olive oil to brush your chicken. It gives it a nice golden colour and helps add flavour. Brush both sides with enough olive oil to ensure that it does not stick to the pan when cooking.

Step 3. Rub the chicken breasts with your preferred seasonings

In this case we are adding salt and pepper. The taste of the breasts will depend on the type of seasonings that you add.

Step 4. Roast that chicken

The roasting time is dependent on the thickness of the chicken. Roast the chicken breast at a temperature of 450 degrees at a time of 20 minutes. Cooking it at high temperature tends to give the breasts some crispy taste on the outer coating and keeps the inside of the chicken very tender.

Step 5. Let your chicken rest

Before cutting the chicken breasts, let them cool first. This ensures that the juices and tenderness inside are preserved. After 5 to 10 minutes of cooling, feel free to cut, dice, slice or even shred according to your preferred sizes. Enjoy to the last bite.

Remember, to have a tasty, juicy and tender chicken breast ensure you follow the above steps. The final results are amazing and will leave you finger licking. You can add more ingredients to achieve different flavours.

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