The fundamental building blocks that every kid needs to be successful in life.

We live in a world where three year olds know how to swipe on an iPad or work the latest iPhone, a world where technology rules and at the swipe of a screen you entertain your kids for hour. Sadly, kids today are more and more technologically enabled yet they cannot catch a ball or tie their own shoelaces, and more importantly they are losing their ability to indulge in imaginative play.

Fine motor skills are not being developed and children are suffering because of constant screen time. Fine motors skills are fundamental to any child’s development. Without these skills kids can’t catch a ball, tie their shoelaces or hold a pencil correctly and later in life simple everyday tasks like using a knife and fork are severely affected.   

It’s a bleak reality but not insurmountable and in fact can be easily remedied. There are toys out there that develop these vital skills, literal building blocks to a brighter and more creative future… Enter magnetic building blocks.

Magnetic building blocks are exactly what they sound like – building blocks in different shapes and sizes that fit together – allowing children to create anything their hearts desire. These building blocks bring creativity and imagination back into play. My own kids sit for hours creating fantasy worlds with these blocks. I feel that it is definitely a toy that every household should own. In fact, all of my teacher friends have at least one set in their classroom and it is children’s absolute favorite come free play time.

Parents have the opportunity to promote fine motor coordination skills, develop imaginative play and get their children away from screen time and back onto the play mat with many of these wonderful toys. I know it’s very convenient to just plonk your kid in front of an iPad or the TV but you are seriously doing your kid a disservice. It is your job as the parent to guide and help your kid develop these skills. If you do not help , by the time your kid starts kindergarten developmentally they will be behind the other kids ( and you really don’t want that).  

So – after many hours of chatting to colleagues and  friends and scouring the internet I narrowed it down to my 5 favorites.

I looked at visual appeal, what you got in the box and durability:

In no particular order here are my top 5 choices.


WHY WE LOVE IT – This 100 piece magnetic tile set is a must have in every household and classroom. What makes these particular blocks so great is that they have magnets on all four sides, meaning you can attach any piece with another. They are designed to help develop sensory skills and tactile awareness while having fun- learning and play all rolled into one colorful package. I love that there are supplementary sets you can buy that introduce new shapes adding a new element of fun while making new and exciting creations.

KEEP IN MIND –  Not suitable for children under 3 due to choking hazard.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY – “My sons sit and play for hours together, creating amazing 3D constructions using these building blocks. It’s a must have in every toy corner” Kerry.


WHY WE LOVE IT – This 36-piece set includes 16 triangles and 20 squares that allows a lot of room for creativity and imaginative play. The blocks are brightly colored and snap easily together using magnetic force. They are durable and use high quality materials. They are also BPA free meaning you don’t have to worry about your toddler chewing or putting them in their mouth (what is it with kids and having to taste everything??).

KEEP IN MIND – it is only a 36-piece set, which in comparison to other sets falls on the smaller side.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY “These blocks kept my child entertained for hours while on a road trip- best purchase ever” Wendy


WHY WE LOVE IT – More pieces – more fun – this 124-piece mega set is great for all. The set includes a Ferris wheel, 30 triangles, 30 squares, 2 rectangles, 4 elongated triangles,2 hexagons and many more.  They are brightly colored with two different colors on each side allowing kids to make fun and exciting creations. I really love that it comes with an ideas guidebook which is great for when you run out of ideas while playing with your kids.

KEEP IN MIND – There are a lot of pieces which could be very overwhelming for young kids as its just too much to handle.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY “One of the best products I have bought my kids. They keep themselves entertained for hours just playing with the magnetic blocks” Aimee


WHY WE LOVE IT – My favorite thing about this set is the great plastic storage container that they come in. This 120-piece set comes with many different shaped pieces and the magnetic pieces fit easily together. It comes in many bright colors allowing kids to create visually appealing creations.

KEEP IN MIND – There isn’t much variety in the shapes which can be quite limiting.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY“I had to purchase a second set for my classroom as everyone wanted to play with them. Not only is it creative but students develop their fine motor skills and cognitive functions while playing- to me that’s winning” Kerry.


WHY WE LOVE IT – This set contains 118 brightly colored tiles and blocks (32 squares, 26 triangles, 6 elongated triangles, 4 diamonds, 2 trapezoids, 2 semicircles and 2 hexagons). This set has the most variety shape wise, they are non – toxic and durable and comes with a handy storage pouch.

KEEP IN MIND – It is not suitable for children under 3 due to choking hazard.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY“These magnetic blocks are so great I have a set for my classroom and for my kids at home, I truly think everyone should own a set of magnetic tiles” Hannah.

So, after extensive research I can confidently say that out of the five I reviewed my favorite is YOOLITECH MAGNETIC TILES. The set is not too big or not too small, just right – it is basically the Goldilocks of magnetic building blocks. Children develop their cognitive skills, fine motor skills and have fun with math and science without even knowing it. Although the recommended age is 3 there is no age limit beyond that.. in fact it is extraordinary fun for the whole family, whether you 5, 15, 30 or 60. And if you family is anything like mine you can find someway to turn it into a competition- whether it be who can build the tallest structure or make the most creative car- the possibilities are endless. After all the family that builds together sticks together… Trust me on this one and watch your child’s creativity blossom before your eyes.

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