The Millennial generation, especially students, are not familiar with the insurance industry and the types of careers available in it. Demonstrating the current disconnect, 61% said they personally would like a job that includes analyzing risks and recommending solutions, yet less than one in ten said they were very interested in working in insurance.

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There is a large opportunity to increase interest in working in the insurance industry, as 50% of the Millennials were either somewhat interested or not very interested. These 2 groups are most likely to be influenced to change their view and become very interested in the possibility of working in the insurance industry. Use of websites to increase awareness of options in the insurance industry for this initiative would make sense as the survey showed the internet is a common place for Millennials to go to find information about job options. Messages that appeal to Millennials should focus on career opportunities and works with others to solve problems and help people.

Millennials financial concern

Working with people to solve problems was appealing to more than 8 in 10 Millennials. Students, in particular, show interest in working with people and in opportunities to help others. For students, helping other people was selected most frequently (57%) and working with other people (52%) was a top 3 selection of types of work that interest them.

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Financial concerns in a job were evident among Millennials, who also were interested in career positions and opportunities to learn. Messages need to avoid a focus on selling insurance, as this was the most common reason why Millennials were not interested in working in the insurance industry. Also, the messaging needs to combat the image of a boring industry.  Perhaps messaging could include the impact of insurance and risk management on a variety of aspects of life.


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