The Must Have Product All Travelers Swear By

The Must Have Product All Travelers Swear By

The must have product all travelers swear by and why you need to get yours today

Are you, like me, the type of person who gets so excited to go on holiday and then spends about two weeks trying to pack the right clothing? Laying everything out on the bed and then packing and repacking for days on end cause you just might need that specific item of clothing. Let’s not even start on the toiletries and accessories you think you might need.

The answer to all my problems:

That was me until a friend of mine shared her packing secrets – they go by many different names, packing cubes, travel bags, travel accessories, duffle bags but whatever you want to call them they take all the stress out of packing. All my clothes, toiletries and accessories neatly organized in my suitcase. I no longer have split bottles of shampoo or body lotion stains on my clothes, everything is neatly organized and nothing gets left behind. More importantly, I pack only what I need and can FIND everything because I am now ORGANISED, An OCD travelers dreams come true.

Not only for travelers

These nifty travel bags are Not only great for traveling but fantastic for going to the gym, going for a hike or just walking around the city. These multi-functional items are guaranteed to make your life easier. My brother will now only use this backpack when he goes on his weekly hikes and I just love my pink toiletry bag that is permanently packed and ready for the gym at any moment. In fact, my entire family is obsessed with these products.  

I have done the research for you by asking friends who travel frequently and using out the products myself. Here they are, my 5 favorite products:

BAGO-PACKING CUBES – Compact and Organized:

WHY WE LOVE IT – The Set includes 2 large cubes, 2 medium cubes and 6 reusable plastic zip bags for spill-able and leaking items.

PACK YOUR STUFF FOR FAST DRAW and keep everything well organized! Pack according to travel destinations, weather or events. Share a large bag with other family members, each with his/her own color of cubes.

KEEP IN MIND –  Cubes can help AVOID OVERWEIGHT CHARGES AND AIRPORT STRESS; rearrange weights between bags or take 1 cube with you as a carry-on item. Airport Security checks are easier and less intrusive than ever.

Once you use packing cubes for the first time – you will never want to travel the old way again!

WHAT DEROTHSCHILDS SAY – “These packing cubes have made organizing my packing a dream” Aimee.

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Life Changing Duffle Bag:

WHY WE LOVE IT – It is lightweight, foldable and flexible so you can use it as your main checked in bag and save a lot of weight or pack it folded in your suitcase to unfold at your destination as an extra luggage, a laundry bag, to bring home gifts and souvenirs or to replace your damaged suitcase along the way. It has the space of a suitcase without the bulk and weight and comes in many gorgeous colors.

KEEP IN MIND – It comes in two sizes, large and medium and although you might be able to squeeze it on , the medium is slightly too big for carry on luggage when fully loaded.

WHAT DEROTHSCHILD SAY –  “I never need to buy another duffle bag in my life … everything you want from a duffle bag and so many optional uses more” Aimee

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The ultimate backpack: 

WHY WE LOVE IT – This nifty 25L l backpack folds up light and small so it can fit into your travel duffle bag or glove compartment or suitcase. It is made with special water resistant fabric so all your important things are protected from rain, splashes or spillage. The best part? It has multiple pockets so you can safely carry your personal items and gadgets.

It is made with special water resistant fabric so all your important things are protected from rain, splashes or spillage. The best part ? It has multiple pockets so you can safely carry your personal items and gadgets.

KEEP IN MIND – Because it is collapsible there is minimal back support and it’s super lightweight.

WHAT DEROTHSCHILD SAY“It really is an all purpose backpack great for a day hike, or as a travel companion to unfold at your destination and use as a day bag, gym bag or just carrying these extra shopping and souvenirs” Aimee

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Say goodbye to messy toiletries:

WHY WE LOVE IT – All your toiletries are organized into one, easy, hanging toiletry bag. No need for numerous bags and never being able to find anything. It has multiple pockets and inner organization so everything is neatly in its place and it is lightweight and durable. And once again it comes in some gorgeous colors.

KEEP IN MIND –  It can become heavy if you put too much in but you can share this bag with your travel members.

WHAT DEROTHSCHILD SAY “Because it is compact, it not only saves space in my suitcase but in my hotel as well… I love it” Aimee

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All you need and more:

THE WHOLE SHABAM – Bundle Travel Bags set

WHAT WE LOVE – now if you like me and love all these products, here you have it in one, convenient bundle set. What you get – 8 packing cubes, 1 large duffle bag, 1 toiletry bag and 1 collapsible backpack. This is the best Value Set – Everything you will ever need for any travel or trip.

KEEP IN MIND – These items are designed to work perfectly together as a set and to provide a stress free lightweight and organized travel experience.

WHAT DEROTHSCHILD SAY “Its simply the best – no other product provides everything I need for traveling in one pretty set” Aimee



Look it really depends on you – whether you want to pick and choose the products that you think you will need or go the whole hog and buy the bundle set. Personally I love all these products and use every single one of them and if you’re like me I highly recommend getting the bundle set. Whether it is for a quick hike, trip to the gym or going on holiday. All of these products are fantastic so it really depends on your needs which you go for.   

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