It’s a fantastic gift!

If you’re one of those women, just like me, who feels uncomfortable and even guilty when we bring an unorthodox gift, one of the things you want the most (before the event) is to just take the gift from your head and know it will look prestigious.

Just in case, I came across the ultimate and best gift for a wedding, anniversary, Christmas, or birthday for my husband.

I sat in the restaurant with my team from work 3 days before my wedding day and my husband’s, who happened to be at Christmas, and my boss asked everyone to present at least one gift he received for Christmas and say who gave it to him/her.

And my boss? Of course, he volunteered to be the first…

He pulled out of EMCOLLECTION’s prestigious Scotch Whiskey Package from his bag and said his wife had bought it for him and he would never forget this gift. He claimed it was the “most prestigious” gift he had ever received.

And me?

I fell in love with the product from the first moment, its upscale and simple design simultaneously captivated me.


I realized this was the product I had to buy for my husband, so I went wandering Amazon fast until I found this wonderful gift.

These 8 granite whiskeys freeze in just a few hours, retaining 100% of the flavor of the alcoholic beverage, in a simple, perfect way.

Without water and tasteless, this product will allow you to drink the whiskey with the perfect temperature and original flavor.

As an added bonus if you get it today, you will also get 2 luxury glasses of whiskey for your husband and you, which I love very much … who doesn’t like free stuff ?!

The high-end glasses will help your event turn into a fun and exciting event.

Your husband is going to be excited about this gift and never forget that you brought it to him.

But hey why take my word and the word of hundreds of others – moms and wives – buy yours today and see for yourself. After all, you snooze you lose and don’t come running to me when you miss out on one of the best gifts out there!


“This product was a perfect gift for my husband. The stones keep the whiskey nice and cold, and the glasses were the perfect size for sipping. The gift set came in a beautiful wooden box with everything neatly packaged. The box included stones, glasses, coasters, and a bag to keep the stones in. This was definitely worth the money!”


“It just arrived yesterday, and my husband was so impressed! The glasses and stones need to be cleaned well before being used unless you’re just craving to have some dust with your bourbon. But I really can’t express how awesome the non-slick coasters really are. Along with the cool-looking showcase box, it’s safe to say this really is a great gift for any would-be fancy drinker!”

I love this light so much that I have just ordered a second one for my husband, and I’ve heard that they have an amazing promotion running at the moment, only valid for the next 50 units sold do you get 15% discount coupon…

you can check it out here!

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