Why so many women have lost it over this game changer of a hair straightening brush  

Picture the scene, you are rushing to go out, all dressed, makeup done but your hair has lost the battle against the elements.  There is frizz everywhere, because humidity has hit like a thundercloud during Bangkok rainy season. How to fix it the old way –  be late for your appointment cause you plugged in the hair iron, sat yourself in front of your mirror and spend precious time you don’t have fixing the mess.  And believe me I have tried my fair share of hair straighteners over the years in fact this was my every morning until I found the most amazing product. Enter the life changing Dwave Hair Straightening brush, a cordless USB rechargeable hair straightener.  It’s compact, convenient and easy to use within minutes and the results are astounding.

For years we have been sold hair straighteners that are ‘guaranteed’ to be the best thing since sliced bread… and I bought into the hype. Alas I was disappointed each time – either it wasn’t hot enough, or the cord was to short (so every time I moved I’d pull it out the socket) and it also means that I need to find a place to sit that has a power point AND a mirror, or if you do find one you like its big and bulky and just takes up too much space, or it damaged my hair and don’t get me started on travelling – there is nothing more annoying than having to pack various adapters just so you can look half decent.

I was ready to give up until I came across this amazing hair straightener. My hair not only looked amazingly smooth and healthy but the USB charger literally change my life. This cordless hair straightener has literally been a game changer in my beauty routine. No more awkwardly trying not to strangle myself while trying to get to the back of my head or pulling the plug out the socket. This nifty little product in short just makes life easier and who doesn’t want more practicality in their lives? I can straighten my hair while I’m on the go and it’s especially fab for when I’m on holiday and it a rather pretty shade of pink. After all, a USB charger means it works anywhere in the world, and just because I’m at the beach or glamping it out does not mean I need to let myself go. You can keep it in your bag for when you just have to do a few touch ups before that big meeting or social occasion.  It has seriously changed my beauty routine and not a day goes by where a friend or colleague doesn’t comment on how great my hair looks. Trust me on this one and try it for yourself.

Nanci I. said:

The ceramic brush hair straightener is so easy and quick to use and also gives you healthy looking hair, it protects your hair and seals in moisture and it is so light and compact that it fits easily into a handbag because let’s be real here Ain’t nobody got time for bad hair days.          

But why take my word for it?

Try it yourself and see the difference!

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